Luminous Opposition (L.O.)

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We are two guys from Springfield Kentucky, Vincent Barber aka VzWay and Qwan Turner aka Q 2 Da T. Recentlly we moved to Grove City, Ohio to take this music to another step in which we worked on a Mixtape called "Think It's A Game" . Making music is our passion. We have been doing this since our early teenage years. Qwan Turner aka Q 2 Da T started out making music with a group of his own "N.I.C" then as he got older he started being a solo artist. Vincent Barber aka VzWay started making music when he moved out of his city "Springfield, Kentucky" and started doing his own songs and not much later formed a group called "S.S.C". Then as time went by Qwan Turner teamed up with VzWay and two other's and started a group called "Trey Ace Quad" which lasted for a while. Things happened and we got split up again and Q 2 Da T became a solo artist again and VzWay started another group known as "Team TakeOva". Now it's "L.O Luminous Opposition" which includes just VzWay and Q 2 Da T and we are going to take this music to another level. We are both versatile. We can make music to anything from slow jams, baby making music, club bangers, street life. Everything!! We like doing new things so don't be surprised if you hear mixed genres ! We do it all !We are known and have mulitplied our fanbase. We will never stop until we get heard. We will always have something to talk about on our songs from the things we've been through and what we KNOW people like because we are just everyday people like everybody else but have a dream and will do anything to pursue and reach our goals. Be on the lookout because we are always working on something and will always have new songs for the fans. Our motto "FYIG" keep's us moving and support from all our fans. "Think It's A Game" Feel free to hit us up at : 859-475-3481 or contact us on facebook -
Q 2 Da T-
or email us. [email protected]


ok ok that the move thanks for the fan i back at cha ..we got to stick 2gether in this undaground chit ..all deez haterz Ya'll snapping keep duckin theze bustaz off i'm witcha...HOLLA 2timez 2 timez....

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