Lick And A Promise

Würzburg BY
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Band Members: 
Member Name Instruments
1 Jochen W. ThomaVocals
2 Manuel ElsesserGuitars
3 Volker "Wolfman" ThomaBass, Organ
4 Ulli "Dag" BieberDrums, Percussion
Musical Influences: 

The Beatles, Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones



Come Together In The Morning
Come Together In The Morning (partial album)

Come together in the morning... and let's all get high! With their second album, you're about to witness LICK AND A PROMISE at the top of their peak.

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Dance For Me 3:26CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
Throw It All Away 2:56CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
Sway Again 4:14CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
Loser And A Fool 5:50CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
Hey Hey Hello 3:30CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
Once For Real 3:37CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
Hard To Say Goodbye 4:48CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
Places Of The Soul 5:25CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
4:23CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
Pale White 4:50CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99


Congrats to my comrades for following the rising standard of integrity in our Music Field of shutting off the Freeloading and putting value on your work, and just remember what hasn't been heard is still brand new. But most of all the Dream to continue to create and fight another day will always be alive as long as our Music stays intact. Keep up the good work we are now on the cutting edge of a 're-build' of the industry.


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