kjmelodic — Westville, IL

Genre: Dance / Pop / R&B;

Artist Profile

Name: kjmelodic
Label: Midas Squared Entertainment
Location: Westville IL


I've been singing since I was a child. Things got serious once I started singing in beauty pageants I entered and winning local contests. I entered the Voice of McDonald's competition in '06 and place 14th out of tens of thousands of entries. From there I was flown to Orlando, FL. for the final competition where I placed in the top 5. My first three recordings were featured on 99.7 in Springfield, IL that same year. I took a small break to learn more about the business and to hone my talents. Now, I'm back and ready to kick ass (no time for jotting down names). Please take a listen and leave a comment or send me a message. Thanks!

Love ya,


Background Information

Date Started Playing: 04/01/2009
Number of Members: 1
Gender of Members: Female

Band Members / Instruments:
my producer is G-Midas: Keys

Musical Influences:
All styles actually, but I truly admire good singers like Kelly Clarkson, Christina, Jazmine Sullivan, and Amy Lee


Venues Played:
I've performed mostly as the only R&B; act in Hip-Hop shows. It's a tough venue but I always rock the crowd, baby!

Most Frequent Venue:

Favorite Venue:

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