Kamuran Ebeoglu

Kamuran Ebeoglu

Kyrenia NY
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1 AksstudioGuitar
Started Playing: September, 2008



Mosaic Album by Kamuran Ebeoglu

MOSAIC ALBUM by Kamuran Ebeoglu
This Album contains these songs:
1-Awakening 6.29
2-Bethoven 4.34
3-Dream 4.27
4-Fiveeight 3.38
5-Mediterranean 3.49
6-Migration 6.53
7-Negro 3.31
8-Presence 5.59
9-Sky 4.04
10-Streets 3.31
11-Window 4.40
Total time: 51.40
All music&arrange by Kamuran Ebeoglu...

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My Turkish songs Vol 1 by Kamuran Ebeoglu

MY TURKISH SONGS VOL 1 by Kamuran Ebeoglu
This Album contains these songs:
1-Aldanmam - SonerYaran 3.05
2-Cocuklar icin - Kamuran Ebeoglu 3.38
3-Deli deli - Remix 3.44
4-DokunBana - Ayse Guler 4.30
5-Sen ve Deniz Kamuran Ebeoglu 3.07
6-Seni Seviyorum - Suleyman 3.27
7-Söyletme Güzelim - Soner Yaran 3.26
8-Takma Kafana - Kamuran Ebeoglu 3.10
9-Yalnizim Odamda - Kamuran Ebeoglu 4.11
10-Yanarsin - Kamuran Ebeoglu 3.23
11-Yeniden - SonerYaran 4.10
Total time: 40.45
All songs, words,music&arrange by Kamuran Ebeoglu.Record and mix AKSSTUDIO KYRENIA CYPRUS...

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My Turkish songs Vol 2 by Kamuran Ebeoglu

MY TURKISH SONGS VOL 2 by Kamuran Ebeoglu
This Album contains these songs:
1-Aldanmam - Remix 3.15
2-Bebek - 3.11
3-Belalim - 3.26
4-Deli olurum - 3.21
5-Dokun Bana - 3.29
6-Karagozlum - 3.01
7-Keklik - 3.45
8-Oyna - 3.11
9-Seni Seviyorum - 3.01
10-Sevdalim - 2.59
11-Severim seni - 3.31
12-Soyle - 4.05
13-Soyletme Guzelim - 3.28
Total time: 43.49
singer Kamuran Ebeoglu
All songs are words,music&arrange by Kamuran Ebeoglu.

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Your introduction is Epic in scope; it is Olympian. It reminds me of the Olympics when just before the next athlete comes up to perform the Announcers would tell us a story about their struggle and the obstacles that they had to overcome in order to get to where they are today. We now set the stage to here today where the artist comes to the stage before a cheering crowd; cameras are flashing while he sets up his instrument - then after that there is a hush in the Hall. There is silence...and then you know why? Ladies and Gentlemen before the Court...its because you've forgot to bring the .....Song! We want Music; We want songs; We want music; We want songs!.......Where is Your Song? There are too many Artists coming on stage up in here without....their songs (emotional-tears). Man I wish I could have heard your song....WHy? Why are you doing this to us..WHy? Why are you being so darn cruel? .....The Shaman- Dr Linda J.

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