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John Lowe
John Lowe
Kirtland NM
Hello! Check out my new song DIVIDE ME!! It is my first song for 2012 and I am so excited!! Please check back for more uploads to this song. The website, or my computer, is SOO slow in uploading these songs (it took about 12 minutes to upload one song!) so I will post more versions in the future so please be patient. Thanks for listening and supporting my music! Thanks! John Lowe -DIVIDE ME- Lord...  Read more
This is my new song that I posted. Well, it's not new, I just finally had the courage to upload and share this song. This song was written almost 2 years ago and this is one of my MOST personal songs ever. Which is why I did not post this. It was as if I took a page from my journal and posted it on Madeloud. But finally decided to give in and share this song. Usually I do various versions of one...  Read more
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR • I know You are standing there • I know You can hear my prayers • It's been too long I've felt this way • It's been too long I've felt this pain •• What are You waiting for • What are You waiting for • I heard of stories of long ago • Of how You helped Your people so • So come and save me my Lord • What are You waiting for • What are You waiting for •• I hear them say it...  Read more
I RUN TO YOU • Like a child I reach out to You • Like a child I run to You • When clouds come • When rains pour • I do run to You Lord •• I am so glad when You come • Breaking through clouds • I feel Your sun • Shine on me • Yes it's true • I run to You •• When I'm alone You come around • You wipe my tears when they fall down • When pain comes • When tears pour • I do run to You Lord •• I am so...  Read more
This is my new song! I hope you like it! Just in time for Easter!! ENJOY!!! :o)  Read more
Hello! Just writing another hello blog entry... So: HELLO!!! :o)  Read more
Hello Madeloud world!! Just saying hello out to you all! :o) John Lowe  Read more
Hello! Just saying hello!!! John Lowe  Read more
Hi there! Just adding a blog.. Nothing new today, same old stuff.. Hoping to write more songs!!!! John Lowe  Read more
Hi there! Just finished adding Lighthouse to my music homepage! I hope you like it!! Take care and stay safe!!! :o) John Lowe  Read more
Mawpat , ML
Corvallis , OR
Van Wert , OH
Brooklyn , NY
Kensett , IA
Los Angeles , CA
Canton , GA
Massillon , OH
Nashville , TN
Springtown , TX
Russellville , AR
Akron , OH
Jasper , GA
Charleston , SC
Philadelphia , PA
Atlanta , GA
Grapevine , TX

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