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Joel Zamble is a self taught guitarist from the Ivory Coast. Joel was born and raised there until the age of 8 where he and his family moved to the united states in 1995. He learned how to play both the clarinet and trumpet in school. Understanding the basics of music drove his passion to want learn more musically. He picked up the guitar and in 2005 and never looked back since. Joel's musical influences are deeply rooted in his experiences throughout his life. From all sorts of african(world) music and American music. There a have been many artist who have impacted his life. But none like Jimi Hendrix. But what sets Joel apart from others with same influences, is his talent, drive and most of all his creativity. Which allow him to be versatile and unique. Allowing him to reach the open hearts and ears of his listeners.

Jimi Hendrix, Doors, Outkast, Bob Dylan, Guitar Slim, Leadbelly, Albert King, World Music


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