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So Very Soon E.P. CD
So Very Soon E.P. CD (partial album)

All songs (c)2009 by Jim Yackel and published by Moonrazor Releases BMI. The track list is:

  1. Ashley
  2. Death Is Gone For Good
  3. Israel
  4. Land Of Oz
  5. Talking To An Angel
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Death Is Gone For Good 2:48CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
3:39CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
Land Of Oz 3:58CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
3:41CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
Agape' (partial album)

All songs (c) 2007 Jim Yackel, published by Moonrazor Releases BMI.

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God Is Love 3:52CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
Supernatural Wonderful Thing 3:26CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
Flesh 3:14CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
Pray Hard 3:27CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
Jesus Is The Life 2:47CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
He's Coming 4:39CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89


Recent Hi-Lites:

* The song Ashley has spent time at #1 on the UnsignedBandweb.com Top Song Chart in early July, 2009. This chart is based on plays of songs from 72 different genres.
* The song Death Is Gone For Good has spent time at #1 on the UnsignedBandweb.com Christian Pop chart in June, 2009.
* Work is currently underway on the follow-up to the Agapé CD, titled So Very Soon. Lord willing, the album will be released by Fall of 2009. A five-song pre-release E.P. CD is currently available.
* Jim's song God Is Love spent time at #1 on the IndieHeaven.com Pop chart in April, 2008.
* Jim Yackel was nominated for two 2007 MOMENTUM Awards, sponsored by the Christian Independent Artists Summit. Jim was nominated in the Male Vocalist of the Year and Rock Artist of the Year categories.

Jim Yackel came to the cross and gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 2000. Circa 2005, the Holy Spirit prompted him to become active again in music, which led to the 2007 release of his first Christian-Rock CD, titled AGAPE'. The influence of the Beatles can be heard in the melodies and chord changes, but the lyrics speak of Jesus, His free gift of salvation, and His soon return. Maranatha!

The road Jim Yackel took to the cross was a long and winding one...

Yackel began playing nightclubs on the "Thruway Circuit" in upstate New York in 1980. The bands and the personnel were in a perpetual state of flux; however Jim's Beatles influenced pop-rock writing style remained as his trademark.

After years of pursuing the elusive recording contract, Yackel and his band Groovetown Fire Department independently released a CD in 1994. GFD did not last long after its lone recording venture, which prompted Yackel to go solo and release a cassette-only album titled "Petition" in 1996. In 1998, Jim Yackel retired from making music, believing that his exodus from music would be permanent. What he knows now and didn't know then was that the period away from music was but a temporary one. More accurately, Jim's "retirement" was a change of season and a time for restoration, which would lead him to being born again through Christ Jesus. Jesus gave him life everlasting and a new purpose in music making.

Musical Influences: 

Beatles, Cheap Trick, Mercy Me, Lincoln Brewster

Band Members: 
Member Name Instruments
1 Jim YackelGuitar, Bass Guitar, Lead and backing Vocals
2 Mike CaseGuitar, djemba, backing vocals
3 Andy RudyKeyboards, Guitar, Bass Guitar, backing vocals
4 Kevin SollarsDrums
Christian Pop/Rock
Started Playing:
September 1, 1979


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