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Jeromy Darling

Jeromy Darling

Minneapolis MN

A Year Of Living

Liner Notes: 

These songs are old, even for me. All written somewhere between 2004 & 2005 as I tried to process what was happening to people I cared about. Drug abuse, betrayal & and shattered dreams were tearing apart some of my closest friends, further solidifying my own decision to embrace Jesus as the only sense in the madness that was another year of living. I recorded them back then but never really felt like they were finished. So this was my attempt to finally put them to rest.

special thanks to Steele Croswhite - we will do this forever brother. Annex Recording, Clocks & Clouds, Brianna Millett, Steve Martin (for the hand-drawn cover), Halland’s Paradigm, Jamie @ Chamber of Sounds, Cynthia Lin @ Lucky8Letterpress, Patty Keith, Bob Burt’s reverb pedal, Orbit Electronix’ Psychoplex Tape Echo pedal, Keith Alan CBGs, Billy Rowe @ Rock n’ Roll Relics, Palir Guitars, Jason Fry @ Free State FX, Mark Finkelpearl, Jeff @ Savage Amps (you rock so much), Nick Sellors (2013 is going to be fun!), Eric @ Foxtone Music, Peter Hoodes, Alex Nikitin and all my cassette friends, old japanese guitars, Pigtronix, Electro Harmonix, ZVex Pedals... but most importanly, the Rock, my family (including in-laws &nieces/nephews) - what joy you bring to my life! My wife of 10 years and our 2 sons - marriage and parenthood has been better than I could have ever imagined, and my God - my greatest love.

Produced by Steele Croswhite.
Engineered by Annex Recording
Mixed by Lucas Shogren (Conqueror, Demon & Make Me) and Derek Powers (Ferris Wheel)
Mastered by me, to cassette on my A.N.T. modified Tascam 122 MKIII
Cover by Steve Martin
CD prints and letterpress by Cynthia Lin

SKU: ALB-84716-128010

Album Tracks

Trk Track Title Length Content Favorites Download
1 Conqueror 4:36 Clean Add to Playlist $0.99
2 Ferris Wheel 5:00 Clean Add to Playlist $0.99
3 You're My Demon 4:52 Clean Add to Playlist $0.99
4 Make Me 4:49 Clean Add to Playlist $0.99

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