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I'm a young producer doing what I love the most, creating music.
I started out in 2007 producing trance mostly, from there I started exploring other genres such as rock, metal, Orchestral, Drum & bass and many others, giving me a very diverse producing talent.

Jan 1, 2006


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Jun 2, 2011
It may sound a little reductive to be all, “Get your glowsticks and your vodka and Redbull cuz it's dancin' time,” but IT IS, IN FACT, DANCIN' TIME. We've assembled our most rave-y, technotronic, electronic, four on the floor and everyone's moving, big bass in your face etc. mix ever. P.S. - Don't worry, we have rap anthems and downtempo stuff in here for you as well. We start with the bangers...

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