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The project IVEZA was formed in Kragujevac-Serbia in 2007 by the former members of a local bands. The IVEZA line - up are: Ivan Ivezic-vocal,guitar,songwriter and producer and Malena-vocal,keyboards. It's hard to relegate the project to any musical genre and even the band's members wouldn't like to be relegated. Besides the lyrics written in English language, the main features of the original IVEZA sound are the aggressive guitar, jungle rhythms,house,electro,drum and bass moment... Once someone has described it all as ....newschool/dnb/jungle/electro/house furia..... So far the IVEZA had enormous number of gigs all around Serbia and in several neighborhood countries. They appeared at the best-selling Serbian musical press, in many local TV shows, as well as on the Serbian national TV (''RTS'') several times.All songs produce and mastering by member-Ivan Ivezic. Please,listen IVEZA!!!

Prodigy,Pendulum,Infected Mushrom

Ishlab inc. Brooklyn, Talent space recordings
Mar 1, 2007


By Howard on 08/11/10 at 11:39pm
Love the music. Thanks for the request!

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Jun 2, 2011
It may sound a little reductive to be all, “Get your glowsticks and your vodka and Redbull cuz it's dancin' time,” but IT IS, IN FACT, DANCIN' TIME. We've assembled our most rave-y, technotronic, electronic, four on the floor and everyone's moving, big bass in your face etc. mix ever. P.S. - Don't worry, we have rap anthems and downtempo stuff in here for you as well. We start with the bangers...

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