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Here Lies Yonder

Here Lies Yonder

Yonder TX

Mushroom Cloud

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Were you alive.July 16 .19..45
When they met.
at theTrinity site.

The gadget blew among a few.
Did they know what it was gona do.count down.

Mushroom cloud
Big boom real. loud
Big boom real. proud
Big boom good for you.

did you survive.august 6th 19.45
When anola gay was
In the sky.

Little boy blew
By the say of a few
Yeah they knew what it was gona do
Fall down
On hiru..Shima.

Mushroom cloud
Big. Boom real loud
Big boom. Real proud
Big boom. Good for you

Obliterate those you hate
Has been the dictum of the human we live in the atomic age.
atomic bombs all over the place.

,incinerate,Intoxicate,with flash burns and gamma rays,those you hate ,deserve their fate.what kind of end are we gona face.

August 9th 1945,
nagasaki 80,000 alive
Did they know what they would have to survive.

Fat man came falling down.

I wonder did they hear the sound

I wonder did they even here the sound

As fat man came falling down.

Did the people that town...

Even know what was comin down

Comin down from from the sky above,coming down only doom no love ,,,
....boom boom boom.

Mushroom cloud
Big boom .Real loud
Big boom. Real proud
Big boom.good for you

today we live in the atomic age
we got bombs
All over the place.
bombs in Russia
And the usa.

Bombs now
In China,and France
Bombs now
In Pakistan.
Bombs now
Across the land.

What have we done what have we become ,extinction at the drop of a bomb,push a button and before too long your gone.

Forsake your fate before its too late leave the crusade make an escape.quit the hate,the game is fake,interrelate,,,start to create.

mushroom cloud
Big boom .big boom
Real loud,,big boom real proud
Good for you


Really enjoyed this one. The style made me think of the Beatles too.

great sound!

I have all of your songs...they are all equally amazing!!!

Thank you much Nadia ,,lots more coming believe me...I'm glad you like us now we just have to convince the rest of the

Ya g


this song was written and recorded while we were scattered. we watched some documentaries on what happened to Japan with the 2 nuclear bombs that were droped and some on the hundreds of others after that. the madness that the nuclear bomb and its effects shouted to me and i decided to write this song as a timeline history lesson song you could say....

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