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Here Lies Yonder

Here Lies Yonder

Yonder TX

Hold Me

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Hold me
And don't let go
As my body sinks slowly
Into the water below

Hold me
And don't let go
And try to pull my body
Back to the shore

Oh I want to let go
And let my body
Begin to float
Up to the the surface of freedom and love.
Onto the shore of the peace above.

Hold me
Please don't let go
As the sea pulls me
And my body below

Hold me
So I can let go
And to the surface float
From the sadness below

Oh why can't I let go
And let my body begin to float
up to the surface.above above.
On to the shore of peace and love

As I let go of my history
Of pain regret and mysery
A lightness passes over me
I feel it now,I am free
Free from the sea of humanity

I begin to float up to the sun
I feel your pull we are one
I feel everything is coming undone
As I rise up from the pain of everyone.

Hold me
And please let go
As the waves splash my body
As I lay on the shore

Hold me ,,
Hold me no more
Just lay beside me
As you did before

I'm bound by fear no more
As I lay here on the shore
On the shore of peace and love
On the shore of the freedom above.

Hold me
hold me no more
just lay beside me
as you did before


it sounds good

I love all your music it has such a unique sound!

asdadsasd adsasd ad


this needs to be on the cd

i forgot to mention my cousin Landon who stepped in and helped with the guitar in this song..

This song was written and recorded in a basement in vernal,Utah....I don't know what inspired it....

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