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What made you want to start making music?

An inner pull that we all had to help facilitate a change in the global awareness

Tell us what your music is about? How has your subject matter evolved?

Our music is about waking up.First you notice all the madness around so we wrote songs about that,then you notice the beauty all around so we are writing songs about that,ultimately you notice the same madness and beauty is inside you and you can choose what energy you want to is a vibration it changes vibrations in all of us.

What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with? And why?

Xavier Rudd,Red hot chilli peppers and jack Johnson..because they are some of our

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist/band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

Creating the time that's needed to push things forward.
And yes,I think we are overcoming it with the help of a
Few choice individuals.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music? How do you envision that happening?

A movement!
With luck!

Band Members: 
Member Name Instruments
1 Jarrod Clarkguitar,base, lead vocals
2 Dustin ClarkDrums and percussion,Backup vocals
3 Lydon ClarkRythm ,lead guitar,Vocals.
4 Rex ClarkVioline,cello,harmonica,ukulele,backup vocals
5 Luke ClarkLead Guitar ,Rythum guitar,Backup vocals
6 Tanner ClarkLead vocals,backup vocals
Music Label: unsigned
Musical Influences: 

sublime, the doors ,Jack Jonson,the smiths,ect.

Started Playing: August, 2011



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Really nice sound. I started listening and I was getting really engaged in it. Can't wait to hear more songs from these guys.

My sentiments exactly!

different - just what i was looking for !



very good song..

unique start love the vocals and it put me in a good mood haha






this song is superub.this was dedicated to my best frds.ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


cool muzics


like very much


Free is the way to be!



thank you hunns check out our new single Drown Out The Noise.

I thought when New Orleans first started that it's reminiscent to the Monkees but it's different also. Cute!




love the voice.

Nice and chill. Good for a summer afternoon, smoking something.

Nice it




brought a tier to my eye

I like the lyrics


good song. thanks!

Hello Freemind , I remember another Freemind in Greece. Are you the same person ?


Great sound!

Sorry I am not...


I really like it. It's different and risky. I like the fact that the artist is not afraid to have his own sound and not conform to the mainstream crap out there.


Thank you my brotha,now we just need a million more people like you that are done with the old make-up of music .....bring back diversity not copy...copy..copy..
Thanks again my friend....lookout for allot more coming,,I just got back from our studio
Recording the next song on our list ...its called new Orleans,,its about our
Experience of the town,it could be the cities theme love brotha

thank you very much..for free the musik i can to listening
may to you re succesfully

It's very perky and gets you moving, but also has that overlay of emotion and meaning. Love it!

love everything bout this song,makes me feel energized !

Thank you Hilanne0088
Can't wait for you to hear the next one we have coming out called New Orleans
Mmmmmm its going to be sweet...much love..



Great Production!!!

love everything bout this song,makes me feel energized !

Thank you Spikes....we are going at it like mad,production wise and all,thanks for the feedback its much needed and appreciated..

good Job

Awesome, Yes! Keep it all up, sounds good!

hoooo I like this one


so so soul touching

Saving able

LOVE IT. Folky sound but better.

Haven't heard it yet.




dude nice



Absolutely awesome!






I like it

Very nice upbeat sound despite the lyrics, makes a nice contrast.

Quality tune

I thought it sounds great! Great sound, songs that make you feel all great inside!

Lol yeah,,if you look real hard ,in some songs there is a Wierd sarcasm ,its a Wierd spin on what you are taught and what the truth really is.truth is.....words just come into my head and I spout them out,that's all there is to it .
If you listen to the live version you will hear the method
Its all improv and concept.....I'm letting the words out and
The melody all as they come .....that's expression I guess.

I like it

I dig it! Mind if I play it on my radio show?


didn't hear song. will try again

It's awesome



I like it

Thanks Aurora ,glad you like

I fucking love this song, you guys really rock


I love it

Love the lyrics :)

i dig the vibe


thank you both..

Have really Liked everything I've heard from you. Keep paying attention to the production. It's mega professional and adds so much to your sound.

Hey thanks. My brotha

so fucking sick!!!!!!!!!

Great music


I like english music mostly rap

Thank you much ,its the first of 16 songs coming

Haven't heard it yet.

i want more


Wow. This is an amazing song. I have listened to it ten times in a row

Thanks my brotha,,we are having it mixed down professionaly right now we will post it when its done,be on the lookout

nice song

I like this song, coz it's great lyrics, thank

I love it!


great sound.

Sounds cool

badiya hai

Nice mix of sounds

Thank you very much my friend..glad you like...more coming...


very natural and professional

Like it

Wowzers! I really liked it, and all of it's awesomeness!! (^_^)

great song!! its mellow too!! i love it

Thanks ,we are right in the middle of getting it mastered so be on the lookout

Nice song

Nice music

very nice :)

here lies yoder is probably my new favourite band

very good


Thanks big time ....

Ah thanks my friend,you just spiced up my morning..
Be on the lookout for allot more song's

awesome !

I like it.




Good stuff

Thanks,its a bit rough because its demo quality,we have a sound booth now and a pretty killer mix and master guy so be on the lookout for a revamped better version soon

Hu. ?


i love the live sound, it feel so raw!

very cool


Awesome! You boys are wicked talented!

Thanks for the track! Love it!!



We have some live practice session coming soon

nice song


I am related to these dudes!!! The crazy aunt. I am amazed, and proud!!!


Ha,,I love you Wendy....

what a strange song

Hello there All you Beautiful People
This is Jay from Here Lies Yonder.I wanted to thank you much for becoming a fan by offering you a Free signed copy of our 7 song EP coming out in October-November.Just like us on facebook.
well friend you up and come October we will get your address and send you a copy.
much love and try not to behave!

It's perfect!

It is so true! It grooves!


nice song....

it sounds good



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i love it

beautiful, relaxed vibe, cheerful voice. 5 stars.


We try,,lol...thanks for all your replies

I love all your music it has such a unique sound!

love it

Thank you brotha

I love the sound, and feel of your music.

wow guys this is awesome stuff. my fav tracks are rivers edge and blackout. I love how you guys are playing with the rhtyms to make it different. it sounds very unique. I think guys fit into your own sub genre, like maybe Gypsy Groove. I think thats what I'd call it. anyway this is epic. Hope to hear more soon. I think the only thing I can ask for is louder vocal tracks


Great addicting song with a melody that follows you around!


That is the kind of music I like to listen to on a day that ends in Y! Thank you!

asdadsasd adsasd ad


Thank you

Thank you much.
We have about ,30 songs to get recorded,we are in the process of recording an album,,so be on the lookout
We are glad you like. We are having all of our songs professionally mixed and mastered ,we hope to have a ,10 to 15 song album finished around springtime,meanwhile,,,,,if you would like a sneak peak,,send us your email and well send you some practice sessions and live recordings if you like,,much love....Jay

Thank you my friend

This is amazing. Very creative, and nice tone. I love it, my favorite has to be Blackout

I like the sound, it's like dave matthew's with a country vibe

ima check it out now

this is great!

Like it. Original, I like to acoustic sound. Would be interesting to hear this on an electric.





Thank you much,,we have a better mixed blackout coming soon..right in the middle of mixing it..much love..JAY


Wow... just listened to all your tracks.. great stuff. There is hope for the future of music:)


ima check it out now

Thank you my brother..I'm glad you like...



this needs to be on the cd




Thanks brother

I love your sound and all your music! Definatly a fan!

good song

Cool track! Like the strings.

Not at all my friend,as long as you send us a link to the video afterwards and we can use it if we like...its a win win I think. Glad you like.

needs work

I will wheni here it

i forgot to mention my cousin Landon who stepped in and helped with the guitar in this song..

i very like this music

Do I hear a remix?!!

Thank you man. How's life going for you

Great song! Great vibe!

A little short of a song in the works.its just me and the base.
Can't wait to see what the boys have for it....

Welcome to the site

Just Wrapped this song up this morning....give it a listen..hope you like.


Free mind came from being a little fed up I guess with the mind state that allot of people have and I think that its starting to burn.

hey do you mind if I use this song in a future independant video project?

Wrote this song about a year ago.


This song was written and recorded in a basement in vernal,Utah....I don't know what inspired it....


This song is one of our very first recordings.we didn't realy know what we were we still don't.. :)

Thanks brotha

Of course you can,,let me get you a better mixed down version up on here before you use the current would also be cool if we got a link to you're video somehow when its done..but yeah brotha,,go right ahead...much love...jay.

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