B-Smooth — Atlanta, GA

Genre: Hip Hop / R&B;

Artist Profile

Name: B-Smooth
Label: Green Rock Records
Location: Atlanta GA


Born January 1, 1981, in the scenic parish of Portland, Jamaica known for its exquisite beaches and unadulterated rain forest. Despite having many other talents such as soccer, flying planes and teaching math, B-Smooth knew from a very early age that singing was his life long passion.

After moving to Kingston with his mother at the age of eight and attending a prominent high school, he entered many talent shows, succeeding in all.

His musical style is a unique fusion of all the artists that have inspired him, including Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley and Babyface, to name a few.

He has developed a reputation of creating meaningful songs that challenge the mind and pull on the heart strings, while rocking the world. His goal is to share this God given talent of songwriting and singing in such a way that leaves himself and his fans in a permanent relationship. The first of these is the single "I don't wanna fight". This song speaks to the troubles of the world negatively impacting relationships, making a call for that brief moment of solitude between lovers away from all things, and making time for love.

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 11/03/2003
Number of Members: 1
Gender of Members: Male

Band Members / Instruments:

Musical Influences:
Babyface, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley


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