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Title: River Rafting Schizo

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I don't care enough to write the lyrics, so I'll use this space to tell you about the song.

For the last three days of third quarter, my school has "Experientials," which are random activities you can pick; everything from going to Disneyland to painting the art room. I chose song writing, and a group of around 10 other kids and I made this song and then went to a professional recording studio to have it mixed.

I said I could sing and write the lyrics, and the band wanted a song about an ADD schizophrenic guy. To do so, I let my mind wander and simultaneously wrote down what I was thinking; I was going to turn that into lyrics, but everyone liked it better as me just speaking it. The guy who mixed the song doesn't believe in pitch correction ("If you can't sing, get out of my studio and come back when you learn how."), so I'm glad I can actually hit a note.

Also I hate the guitar solo. LOL GUYS IT WILL ADD TO THE WEIRDNESS!!! No, it will add to the bad...ness.

Also the little kid after me in the chorus is possibly the most annoying/useless person I've ever met.


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