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1 giascleLogic
Music Label: lolno
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Trying to copy better artists and failing.

Started Playing: October, 1947



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River Rafting Schizo 4:18Kid FriendlyAdd to PlaylistFree


Any Nerd in His Mom's Basement Can Make Techno
Any Nerd in His Mom's Basement Can Make Techno

it has some songs i guess

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i like the It's Like Some Kind of 90's Ice Skating Rink Music was wondering when itd be finished?

I really liked one of your songs, was wondering if i could use one of your songs, just wondering how you go about copyright and crediting and stuff

I like your sound... Very Very Good! Maybe one day I will see you on Ragtubecom... haha

Home of Indie Artist

Sure, go right ahead. Which are you interested in using?

Your new requested song is updated in the player.

Is your email working? I asked you to tell me what song you wanted featured more than a week ago.

Super Lied, Liebe es

mr. grumpy grumpy, sees the pretty birds go tweet tweet....
mr. grumpy grumpy, does not like the birds.

Sehr gut

haha.... this is some cool stuff ya got going here, i like blast radius in particular. I'm saving up the 10 g's to buy DA RAP. haha, either that or a new car.

liked the song

hey there,
you mentioned that you might wanna use ep00604 for a cartoon... i say go for it!!! feel free to use anything i got for whatever ya like, but maybe send me a link if ya end up using it.... thanks for listening..


nise !!!!!

I don't finish many songs. I'm good at starting them, but I ran out of ideas quickly. :(

Amazing track

So many unfinished songs :( Where is the love?


awsome beat

dood lik some of your shit but you retared

love it


fast and sparkley



More please!


tihs is teh gayest crap evar i hop u die


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