FunkyJahPunkys — Tacoma, WA

Genre: Funk / Punk / Rock

Artist Profile

Name: FunkyJahPunkys
Label: Pacific Coast Pirates/ PcP ReKerdZ
Location: Tacoma WA


"WE ARE THE WORLDS GREATEST SHITTY LITTLE BAND". That simply means we understand our place and love it. The simple fact is, your not a big ol' rockstar til MTV says so, sorry, thats just the corporate world we live in. (Get involved with Pacific Coast Pirates if you want a different one)

We will, we will rock you! We dare any and all to bring more Pure, Raw, Energy to the stage than our little diversified band of free radicals. If you do we will forever praise your name! We live solely to entertain the world and hopefully encourage you to do the things you truly want to do, Like us! We take the stage with authority and emmerse you with a diverse set of mind freeing Punkish-Funkish-Reggae shit. While our band rocks you into submission our Front Man will expand your mind and soul with an unholy intensity! We love all music and all who use it in all ways throughout life. Originally we started as a Punk Rock band (which we still are philosophically) We've grown to include the almighty Funk in the mix cuz we boogie like that, and the groove rules our soul. We bring reggae to the vibe for 3 main reasons, 1. any real punk band knows the true roots of punk rock 2. we all grew up going to roots/reggae shows and finally, well you know ;). We plan on being world famous so you should think about becoming a hard core fan now, that way you can tell all the kiddies you knew us when we were nothing. One other thing, as you listen make sure you hear.

The FjP have been together since '06, played over 400 shows, have over 60 original songs, 2 complete albums & have toured the all of the west coast 8 times (Central America Included) We have done all this through our own underground label/culture based movement, Pacific Coast Pirates, aka, PcP ReKerdZ.

In June of 2009 The FunkyJahPunkys will be releasing their first nationally distributed album, "Corporate Takeover", on their own record label/brand, Pacific Coast Pirates, aka, PcP ReKerdZ. The distribution deal that made this possible was inked in May of '08 with Koch Distribution in association with Hard Tyme Entertainment. Now thats DIY!

For those who remember us as Emilio & The FunkyJahPunkys we have left the old school story bio for your reading pleasure:

Once a young guatamalan farmworker, Emilio traveled to the southwestern United States in search of the "American Dream" - Money, Power, and Illegal Prostitution. Driven by the last words of his dying father, "Uno Mas Cervesa Por Favor", he traveled through central america to the border of Mexico and California. He there met Cheech Marin who coyoted him across the border in an old pickle delivery box van. After slaving away in the indoor swap meets of So.Cal he managed to save enough money to purchase the beer his father requested. While trying to pimp the beer outside of a Seven Eleven, he was abducted by a band of punk rock aliens in a 1967 Camaro/spaceship conversion saucer with a ragtop and spinning 23's(yeah we know they don't exist but, if your willing to except cheech marin and punk rock aliens what the fuck.). Extensive testing by the aliens changed Emilio's DNA leaving him as 4 white men with 12 inch penis's and a four pound blue chihuahua (by the time you ladies find out if that is true or not we will have already got what we wanted) The alien's having no manners and a first edition Thomas Guide returned them to earth about 1000+ miles to the north of the Seven Eleven. Now in the Tide Flats of Tacoma WA. they had no choice but to make a living by doing the only thing there new minds had ever seen, PUNK ROCK. Hence EMILIO & the FUNKYJAHPUNKY'S were born. Abracadabra HOLMES!

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 08/06/2006
Number of Members: 4
Gender of Members: Male

Band Members / Instruments:
Giant J: vocals
Mr. Black: Guitars
Jah Bassy: Bass
O'Klaus: Drums

Musical Influences:
The Clash,
Bob Marley
, Mago De Oz
, Molotov,
Frank Sinatra,
KY Jelly,
Bad Religion,
New Kids On The Block,
The Ghetto Boys,
The Deftones,
Bad Brains,
The Vandals,
The Misfits,
The Cheddar Cheezle and Bagel Dogs,
Loose Gravel and the Quarry Band,
Grains of Time,
Giant J,
Sapo Loco,
Wilson Philips,
The Red Hot Chilli Peppers,
Black Flag,
Chevy Chase(pretending to be Paul Simon)
The Original Blues Brothers,
The Bloodhound Gang,
David Hasselhof,
Eddie Murphy(we've got some boogie in our butt),
Walker Texas Ranger,
Johny "The Falcon" Burgis,
Johhny Cash,
Those 2 guys from Something About Mary,
Tenacious D,
Jerry Lee Lewis,
The Sex Pistols,
The Ramones,
Dead Kenedy's,
Bob Dylan,
Violence Unfolds,
Psycho 78,
Snoop Dogg,
Dr. Dre,
Los Flamos Tres (world famous international sync dance troup)
Willie Nelson,
Voodoo Glow Skulls,
Floggin Molly,
The Dropkick Murphys,
Green Jello (fuck copyrights),
Sly Stallone,
Kenneth Gulley,
The Cure,
Bart Simpson,
Mighty Mighty Bosstones,
John Tesh Live at RedRocks,
The Carpenters,
Greatful Dead,
Titty Twisters,
and a fuckin shitload of other bands


Venues Played:
The Sundance Saloon Payette ID.
Wasted Space Las Vegas NV.
The Dive Bar Las Vegas NV.
The BunkHouse Las Vegas NV.
The Puff Lounge Las Vegas NV.
The IceHouse Las Vegas NV.
The Double Down Saloon Las Vegas NV.
4 Aces Bar Las Vegas NV.
The ROX Club Las Vegas NV.
The Cheyenne Saloon Las Vegas NV.
The RedHawk Tavern Henderson NV.
Stray Cat Lounge Tempe AZ.
Runway Bar & Grill Tucson AZ.
Rascal's Bar Colorado Springs CO.
GreenLight Tavern Pueblo CO.
Bushwackers Saloon Denver CO.
Club Allure Sandy UT.
The Building Hoquiam WA.
The Brick Roslyn WA.
Columbia City Theater Seattle WA.
The KingKat Theather Seattle WA.
Station 56 Tacoma WA.
ACME Tavern Tacoma WA.
Maggie O'Toole's Tacoma WA.
The Old Shipwreck Tacoma WA.
The Java Jive Tacoma WA.
4th Ave. Tavern Olympia WA.
Dixie Tavern Portland OR.
Black Forest Eugene OR.
Joe's Bar Roseburg OR.
The River City Saloon Mt. Hood OR.
O'Ryan's Irish Pub Ashland OR.
The Old Church Coquille OR.
The Green Spot Coo's Bay OR.
The Boiler Room Eureka CA.
The Maltese Chico CA.
Lost On Main Chico CA.
Normal Street Bar Chico CA.
The SilverFox Tavern Bakersfield CA.
B Ryders Bakersfield CA.
The Doll Hut Anahiem CA.
LakeHouse Canyon Lake CA.
Tremors Riverside CA.
Angel's RoadHouse Corona CA.
Angel's RoadHouse Ucaipa CA.

Most Frequent Venue: The Cheyenne Saloon, Las Vegas NV.

Favorite Venue: HEMPFEST, Seattle WA.

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