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I'm influenced by Genre's moreso than people. Also I've been heavily influenced by the Pimpin.

Started Playing: July, 1987



Memoirs of A Pimp (partial album)

Memoirs of A Pimp

Make The World Bow At Your Feet Starting With Nothing But Words

Imagine what it would be like to have ANYTHING you wanted and feel so passionate about what you're doing you can‘t stop, you know you are unstoppable!
What would you do knowing that all you had to do is work a simple plan and your deepest desires would be fulfilled?
If that doesn't interest you consider the opposite. You could live your life like a lot of people, based on excuses and hard word and still never get what you really want.
Instead you would just be getting by…like everyone else.
The choice is yours.

In my one hand, I want you to get everything you want in life... yes, EVERYTHING.
In my other hand, I’m holding money so it’s no sweat off my back if you don't.
So, let me do what I'm good at.
Let me corner you, put a figurative gun to your head and blow your mind with the fact that when you do it right you can get anything you want. All you need is Game.
The old saying goes “Game is to be sold and not told.”
That’s just what the wannabe’s say to women.

The Game was handed down to me personally from a master pimp, with the instructions to only give it to another that is truly worthy. He didn’t even give it to his son!
He also made me swear to NEVER SELL IT!!!
Sorry Sensei, but I feel like I have to.

The original reason I wrote Memoirs of A Pimp is for my son. If I’m not around by the time he’s old enough to understand, I want him to know that no one’s going to teach you how to get to the money. The people with money
If you did, why would you work for them. Then they would have to do all of the hard work themselves.
Even with all these books saying "change your thinking and change your life" they never tell your HOW. These books would drivel on and on about "The Secret" but never tell you how to implement it ( whatever "it" is ) into a practical plan. They might encourage you to do something but they always give you a choice to not do it.
There is no thinking here.
In Memoirs of A Pimp you will get an idiot proof process so devious, so well thought out, that the only way to NOT get money is to NOT listen to it.
But you will.
Because I'm the devious bastard that I am, I wrote Memoirs of A Pimp as a carefully designed TRAP that will make you understand and GET MONEY.

By following Memoirs of A Pimp here is what you'll learn:
How to look at situations through the mind of a pimp so that getting what you want is easy. (This is so common sense that you'll wonder why no one told this before.)
How to motivate yourself so that nothing (yes, NOTHING) stops you. (Most people will pay any price just for this knowledge.)
How to focus your mind so that you can recognize an enemy from a mile away. (Imagine that power and how much anxiety you can save yourself.)
Who your enemy really is! (This one is going to take your breath away.)
How to get anyone to do whatever you want them to do. (Anyone including your woman or women.)
How to use pain and pleasure without lifting a finger. (If pain is what motivates, why not use it to your advantage?)
Why most people are afraid to go after what they want. (Yes, believe it or not success scares the crap out of people because it means they have to accept responsibility for their life.)
How to tell if you are a trick or not. (This is where most people go into denial.)
How insanely easy it is to get money! (If I knew this when I was 18, I would be a billionaire by now!)
Why this book is forbidden. (There are a lot of reasons others don't want this information to get into your hands.)
What game really is. (It‘s not what you think it is.)
The Game as told to me by a Master Pimp (Game can only be handed down)

This warning is provided to make you aware that Memoirs of A Pimp is a written as a TRAP to ensnare you into going after what you want like a prostitute with a quota.
Once you read it... you can't unread it.
Seriously, all the hype aside, the key to making this process work is based on a simple formula of changing the way you see the world; being able to see what you want and knowing how to get it.
With that simple formula, and an understandable process to follow, you *WILL* get what you want.
Order it now for $12.99

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Got That Work 4:01ExplicitAdd to PlaylistFree
Paper In My Pocket (PIMP) 4:08ExplicitAdd to PlaylistFree
Sumen4thaP's 3:22ExplicitAdd to PlaylistFree
It's Freeze 3:41ExplicitAdd to PlaylistFree
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RainMaker 4:06ExplicitAdd to PlaylistFree
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The Indictment (partial album)

This is a deep album. This was my awakening from the game and the story of what I went through. It has from me entering the Game. It has the mindset I was in. It has me getting snitched on. It has me being federally indicted. It has me rising above the adversity. It has life. It has philosophy.
Don't sleep on this one.
I only have two songs downloaded because I want the other album to circulate before I release this one.
I'm making history. Accept it or Except it.

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Mayor of Michigan 5:55ExplicitAdd to Playlist$0.99


I'M Swag Kill em and i just wanted to let you all know about Space Case The MixTape. Its FREE it will drop April 24th 2012. I have worked with a lot of Producers to come up with a NEW and CRAZY sound. I feel like I am one of the best and with my no limits attitude and go get it mind frame I will show the world in time WHO SWAG KILL EM' really is......NO LANE IS A WAY OF LIFE....SK

SickBiz E.N.T. FT. AoneSick a.k.a. DaBusiness HOT WORK STOP BY

U have talent fam, bottom line....check me out tho I got some real hip hop 2

Worth listen to

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Jun 19, 2011
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