F & M — Edmonton, MN

Genre: Acoustic / Alternative / Indie

Artist Profile

Name: F & M
Label: shameless records canada
Location: Edmonton MN


“If the rest of the music scene seems more concerned with pumping out the party hooks, F&M are still studiously crafting their own brand of cerebral melodies…. and stripping the music down to its most basic, heart-wrenching core.” - The Edmonton Journal

F&M is a gently sardonic, dark and hopelessly clever art-folk band with a sound that can be described as Natalie Merchant sipping Bordeaux with Leonard Cohen in a group home run by Nick Cave.

F&M began in 2002 as Ryan Anderson’s 48 hour experiment in self-recording. Ryan prefers to think of himself as “experience-trained.” He believes in the cocktail-napkin method of song-writing: a brilliant idea could hit at any moment and he has never written two songs the same way. He draws his musical inspiration from some of his favourite artists — Leonard Cohen, Smog, Will Oldham, and The National, to name a few — from famous playwrights like Bernard Shaw — and from human experience. He was once approached after a gig and told “You sing the saddest songs, but with the biggest smile!” After a hiatus to travel and study, F&M grew into a collaboration between Ryan and Becky Anderson, with new music, an updated image, two additional musicians stolen from a defunct electronic-pop band, and a long lost brother to play the bass.

Becky acquired formal music training on the pipe organ, but is mainly self-taught in piano, accordion, guitar and cymbeline. She is rooted in deep academic longings and completed a Masters in Soviet Russian Rock Music Culture. When performing, She has a dramatic playing style and will often leave her microphone to just walk out into the audience to sing and use the accordion acoustically. Becky draws her inspiration for her music not only from her background in literature and music, or some of her favourite artists — like Dean and Britta, Beth Gibbons of Portishead, and PJ Harvey — but also from the imagery of the circus and even the violence of birds.

Currently F&M is partnered with Deadwear entrepreneur and artist Glen Ronald for a thematic album on loss entitled “Every Light Must Fade.” Ronald created paintings inspired by the music of F&M along with a special line of clothing under his brand Deadwear.

F&M have shared the stage with the likes of Painting Daisies, Chris Wynters, Christopher John of Stabilo, Emm Gryner, Kensington Prairie, Ann Vriend, and other great acts. Recent accomplishments for F&M are showcasing at the 2008 Western Canada Music Awards, participating on CBC National Radio program GO!, charting nationally on the college charts, regional media reviews, supporting environmental awareness with ACTV, and live radio opportunities. F&M is versatile - playing as a trio or a full five-piece band. F&M is never afraid to go quiet.

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 12/25/2006
Number of Members: 5
Gender of Members: Male/Female

Band Members / Instruments:
Becky Anderson: vocals, accordion, Piano, Guitar, cymbaline, whistles, etc.
Ryan Anderson: vocals, Guitar, wind drum
Bryan (Miot) Reichert: Guitar, backing vocals
Chad Andriowski: Percusion
Kevin Anderson: Bass

Musical Influences:
Will Oldham
Leonard Cohen
Wendy McNeil
The National
Nick Cave
PJ Harvey


Venues Played:
Sidetrack Cafe, Alberta, Canada
the velvet underground, Alberta, Canada
The Blue Chair Cafe, Alberta, Canada
O'Byrne's Irish Pub, Alberta, Canada
Axis Cafe, Alberta, Canada
Listen Records, Alberta, Canada
7th Street Loft Concerts, Alberta Canada
The Sac, Alberta, Canada
Church Square City Stage (THe Works Festival), Alberta, Canada
Cafe Leva, Alberta, Canada
Cafe Select, Alberta, Canada
Rose & Crown, Alberta, Canada
The Palomino, Alberta, Canada
Lydia's Pub, Saskatchewan, Canada
McNallys, Saskatchewan, Canada
Sugar Refinery, British Columbia, Canada
Second Storey, British Columbia, Canada
The Biltmore Cabaret, British Columbia, Canada
Fibonacci's, British Columbia, Canada
The Talkin' Donkey, British Columbia, Canada
The Minstrel Cafe, British Columbia, Canada
The Main, British Columbia, Canada

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