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What made you want to start making music?

In law showed me his Fostex 4 track recorder, BOSS drum machine, and sound board. I was in a little local band and started recording at home then. I used the Fostex to record my notes for high school. I'd repeat each sentence seven times and then after recording put the un-mixed cassette tape in my jam box next to my bed on repeat play in backwards so the notes would play backwards. I'd read that our minds record things if what we see or hear engages both the right and left hemisphere. The right takes what is backwards and says, "Hey, that's fun...it's backwards." The left takes what is backwards and say, "Hey, I know what that is forwards." The mind when engaged this way stores the information into short term, long term and the sub-conscious mind. I'd learned autogenic training and didn't even know what that was. It got me high grade sometimes. When I wasn't recording my autogenic notes I was making music on my own. What initially started it was my desire to not just play everyone else's music and listen to it, but my own and listen to it too- perfect it, make it better.

Tell us what your music is about? How has your subject matter evolved?

It ranges from things to do with romance to religion. When I first started doing my own music it was all about religion. As I got older and life changed bringing both joy and sorrow I started to write instrumentals reflecting those things. A lot of my songs are about pain and sorrow, regret and remorse, longing and urgency in relationships that at first are about relationships with people, but as instrumentals I also find myself (as do others) feeling the "feeling" music can give you for God too so as to long for Him.

What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with? And why?

Phil Keaggy, Antoine DuFour, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Sade, Miss Angie, various electronic artists whose names I always forget in Psy Trance, Ambient, MInimalist, and other down tempo genres, the list is big so I'll say that it would be a host of artists of many genres Christian and non-Christian. Why? To show the non-Christian who may think that Christians are all like those phonies from Westboro Baptist that such an assumption is not true and that artists like myself can be cordial while remaining steadfast in our own world view and to collaborate with Christian artists to encourage them to be more steadfast and not so motivated by political correctness that their material is vague in content. I'd like to do this as a bassists, vocalist, keyboardist (synth and Hammond), and guitarist getting into production, mixing, etc. A real collaboration, full on.

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist/band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

Finances without compromise of world view. I can compromise what I believe and get into places that conflict with my world view, but have elected to not do so anymore. I don't want my music used for things I don't believe in or feel doesn't support the world view I embrace. This effects collaboration because I'd not want to give the impression that by collaborating with someone who holds a world view I don't support means that I support their world view- it means I like them as a person regardless of their world view and want to bless them. I can't overcome this challenge because it is not a challenge to be overcome unless I compromise and I refuse. Overcoming for a person who holds to the world view I have sometimes means not having all the delicacies, decadence, and luxury of this world on this side of Heaven. The question has been asked so I apply that to being an artist: "What does it profit an artist to gain the whole world, but lose their soul?".

What do you hope to accomplish with your music? How do you envision that happening?

Healing. Healing that comes from feeling instead of repressing what we are feeling- carthart. Getting those emotions out and letting them run their course. In that I hope to as David did to King Saul minister healing with the notes so that what torments the hearts, minds, and souls of others is driven from them. I envision this happening as one listens to the music. The Ruach Ha'Kadosh comes to them and begins to minister mercy, compassion, grace, love, and forgiveness (for self and others). He beings to "woo" them, court them. Kindness goes a long way.

Band Members: 
Member Name Instruments
1 Jennifer DawnVoice
2 Christopher ExousiaVoice, guitar, bass, synth, electronic drums, and digital multi-track recorder.
Music Label: None
Musical Influences: 

Peter Frampton, Petra, Burt Bacharach, Neil Diamond, Matthew West, Kari Jobe, Twyla Paris, Hall & Oates, Dido, Sade, 80s New Wave, Savatage, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Spy Glass Blue, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s music of multiple genres, old and current pop/hip hop/trip hop, various forms of electronica: mimimalist, trance, psy trance; Kenna; Seal; Sting; Classical Music, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Chris Impelliterri, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Ronnie Montrose, Kamelot,, Antoine Dufour, Lamb (Joel Chernoff), Paul Wilbur, AD (Kerry Livgren), Men At Work, Men Without Hats, Classic Hymns, Symphonic Hymns, Gospel Hymns, Southern Gospel, Black Gospel, The Who, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Crimson Glory, Queensryche, Peter Gabriel, The Police, The Romantics, The Pretenders, The Eagles, The Beatles, Kansas, John and Dino Elefonte, Matt Kerney, Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Bloodgood, Holy Soldier, Sacred Warrior, Keith Green, Dallas Holm, The Imperials, Michael Omartian, Bryan McKnight, Journey, Steve Perry, Aerosmith, The Flaming Lips, Black Tie Dynasty, Plumb, Phil Keaggy, Planetshakers Band, Sade, Dido, Eddie James, Bob Marley; Hillsong United, Church of the Harvest, and the list goes on and on.

We listen to Pandora One in the following genres: Chill Out, Ambient, 80s Love Songs, Steve Miller Radio, Yngwie Malmsteen Radio, Indian Classical Music, and Rockabye Baby! There also is ReverbNation -- http://www.reverbnation.com/exousiaone -- where I go to find more underground/indie artists/signed artists.

Started Playing: July, 1987



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Alone I Love You (Smooth Unplugged Version) 5:36CleanAdd to PlaylistFree
Synthganic 3:30CleanAdd to PlaylistFree
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French Kiss 4:22CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
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L04DF4CT0R : These Days
L04DF4CT0R : These Days (partial album)

Last project as primary writer, lead guitarist, lead vocalist, keyboards, co-producer, and arranger with LoadFactor.

Recorded in 2005 at Fort Worth Sound, Fort Worth, Texas. Bart Rose was the producer. Co-production was with LoadFactor. Mixed by Bart Rose and LoadFactor. Ron Powers was the executive producer.

Christopher- Lead/rhythm guitar, keys, vox, bgvs.
Cody Powers- Rhythm/lead guitar.
Ron Powers- Drums, executive producer.
Michael Robinson- Bassist.

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3:23CleanAdd to PlaylistFree
Split The Sky 4:02CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99


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Just As You Are
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hbyhuin i uonij buhjoi j nnoio oonnpn onknpjojojo nnlnln

great sounds

Made me feel awesome, The beat will easily be stuck in my head for at least a few days!



Very Southern and soulful. Cheers!

Verry nice

i like this

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Check out some of the other songs. I'm sure you can find ones as pleasing like "Blue Fondue", or "Loving Eyes".




this is very great song


Thanks. You're wonderful too. Cheers.

Thank you Tamuka. Cheers, much love and shalom tov.




Hey Christopher,

Get your music on the Christian: http://soundcloud.com/christian777-1

you speak the truth



Thanks for the heads up. I'll do it. Appreciate it.

wow, cathcy song



Sure will bro. I really appreciate it man!!!

Thanks, did this one a while back in a 'real studio' instead of a 'home studio'. It's the intro track for the song "These Days" which is the title track of the CD of the same name. A conceptual project inspired by the prophetic passages of both the Old and New testaments of the Bible.

jazz for hip hop and hip hop for jazz i love both

Thanks, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)




Hi Christopher. This is my type of jaz. Easy listening with a very smooth feel. Awesome track mate, keep up the great work. Oh, and thank you for making it available.


Yea man i'll let u know bro



it is one of a kind.


Glad you like it. Merry Christmas and a grand and happy New Year.

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy it.


Powerful intro


I'm in the top 20...number 17 to be exact in the Instrumental genre at The Spotlight Zone website for musical artists. -- http://thespotlightzone.com/charts/?genre=129



Lov it!

Never hear xxx it before

it was cool

i like it when i hear that music i feel relax

so good for my timelapse :D thanks


Thanks. I appreciate it. I'm humbled.




I'm also at ReverbNation -- http://www.reverbnation.com/christopherexousia -- check me out there and find other great artists.

This particular version was done utilizing a vocal effect in order to render a kind of robotic and somewhat menacing feeling. Elektro-vox.

We all used to back in the day sing "Just As I Am", but it quickly became a theme of apathy and laziness for Christians where "Just As I Am" became just as I remain- unchainged, immature Christian. "Just As You Are" is taken from the letter to Laodocia from the book of Revelation. Jesus is robed in white splendor and we should long to be like Him instead of remain the same our entire walk of faith in Christ. In this post-modern age where we've been brainwashed so much from so many voices to "just believe in yourself" the timely message of Christ and the Cross remains- newer, fresher, alive. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.

Written for my beautiful, Proverbs 31, Woman of the Word, wife- Jennifer. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.

A somewhat smooth jazz/rock instrumental intended for incense, scented candles, on one of those "special times" when romance is high in the air- thick like smoke. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.

We can traverse the globe looking for inner peace and never find it until we open our hearts to the One- Christ. He's the real thing and we can put our trust in Him.

A very smooth groove for you. Minor key vibe going on here. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.

This is supposed to read "Closer To You (Hot Fresh Mix)" and when you go over to the actual song or play it in the player it does say that, but for some reason here it says "Closer To You (Original Mix)". I digress. This is a new mix of the original with male vocals in a higher timber (Christopher Exousia). The drums are electronic hip-hop in style using a drum pattern modeled oddly enough after something similar to Nine Inch Nails as they tend to have more electronica influenced drum patterns. The bass line is more pronounced and gritty. The guitars remain clean, but are more crisp and driving while the original they were more intoxicated in sound like they were drunk on spiced rum. The theme in both versions is two-fold. One is about love for your lover and in this case for me personally, my wife. Being "dressed in white" is a reference to the wedding day. The next is love for Yahweh-God where being "dressed in white" is about wearing white robes that represent the righteous of El Shaddai bestowed upon us when we are united with Him like a bride to her groom. "The feeling of something new" in both cases is about how each day it can be brand new in our relationships be that with our loves or Yahweh-God. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.

The World is Babylon- the world system of the fallen world and all the ages past to now. Daniel the prophet saw an image of a statue with a golden head and a stone, a rock, smote it and it fell. He saw the "image crumble around" him. Babylon is falling, falling down. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.

This mix has a male vocal track (Christopher Exousia) in a higher timbre than the smooth unplugged version or original version. The drums are leaning towards the electronic hip-hop style of things. The backing vocals (Christopher Exoucia) are fresh and different than the original being more pronounced and clearer. The solo is a bit more cleaner. When the storm passes in a love relationship and the air is crisp and clean with the scent of new you know that it was worth it to go through it and be able to say that it's alright. It is all right with true love. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.

This song is all Apologetics. It addresses evolution and moral relativism (a by product of secular humanism and evolutionary world views). Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.

Love is worth the struggle. Sometimes a disagreement gets it all out. A tender, soft answer turns away wrath. Choosing to love when the other doesn't feel like it at that moment speaks volumes. This song for those who have gone through a trial in their relationships. It is a song of assurance that while you may not be able to command nature your love for them is constant- eternal. In the end it will be alright. This one has a reggae/Africanesque bass line, nice clean acoustic guitar, and emotional passionate vocals. This tender number will bring a gentle shower of peace with that clean scent that comes after a rain storm. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.

For all who love Reggae, Electronica (Ambient, Psy Trance), and World music genres as well as anyone else who dares venture out and "taste" something different. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov. - Christopher Exousia

Our eyes can be blinded by all sorts of pride. We can be so caught up in 'self' that we don't see the needs of those around us. Sometimes we are so wounded we need to be healed and sometimes others are so wounded they need healing. Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit comes in like a Holy Oil (figuratively speaking) to anoint us, heal us and heal others so they may see Him- Jesus.

Taken from the Bible where the prophet, the man of God, had unclean lips and the angel took the coal and made him clean before the Lord. This is a song about being humbled before the Lord, corrected, reproved, rebuked and restored. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.

This is another song inspired by the Apocalyptical books of the Bible especially those passages that speak of the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.

This is a short, always free, 9 second track meant to be played before "These Days" as a sort of prelude to the scenario of "These Days" which is the end of days. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.


Taken directly from the Apocalyptical books of the Bible this song is like a movie sound track. Envision someone living in a time when Christianity is against the law of the land- that's the theme of this song. We are truly living in the last days- these days. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.


This song is a bit of a novelty. It's about having a baby or more specifically making a baby. It expresses the idea of the couple deciding together to make a family and make Christ the center of that family as well as give assurance to the Mother-to-be from the Father-to-be. Enjoy, much love and shalom tov.

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