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Austin TX
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1 erin iveyVoice, Guitar
Music Label: Mixtank Records
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Radiohead, Pink Floyd, The Sundays, Bob Marley, Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Rosemary Clooney, Billie Holiday

Started Playing: August, 2006



Broken Gold
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Sweet Little EP

Erin Ivey's Sweet Little EP, is dipped in operatic and country-western influences, but completely centered around the voice that prompted one journalist to write "I would kill for a purr like that" (Luciana Lopez, The Oregonian).

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I'm glad you liked the song. I would love to hear what you thought of it.


It's really cute, and your voice has a generic sweetness that sets a calm mood for me, haven't listened to the lyrics yet though.

I really like the lyrics and the melody, it's a lovely song to sit and relax to. Thank you for making it available! :) x


Oh my gosh, this song sounds just so pleasant. Her voice is absolutely beautiful. I need to check out more of her stuff!

gjhh hkh khh khhkh khkhkh khkhkh khkhh khhkh hhkhk khkhkh hkhkh hkh

love it

nice sounds with a catchy foot tapping quality


its good

Loving it

This song is just great. The vocals are fresh, and alluringly simple.




i like ur job guy go on


erin lvey



i love that song

A spiritual experience

Very cool song!:)

this song really was a treat to listen to. very smooth and relaxing in a way.

: I'm glad

Pretty Good!! :D I like it :)

great sound!

Move over Jewel ...Great voice.

Your voice is amazing. This song has a touch of new and the soul of old. I love it!

Very beauiful and naturally flowing, I like it a lot.

Like it :-)


Very good and happy

I woulike to lission t ld

She has such a soft and pure voice, the beat is calming. It the a song to listen to on a rainy day to make one feel happy and sunny inside

very entertaining



I love it!!

i love it! :D



Like it

nice job

i fell comfort

cross between Jewel and Leigh Nash


Great!!! Love it :0)

this song is so pretty. i love it.

Beautiful song and a beautiful voice

Loving "Amelia"! The world needs more Erin Ivey.

love her

ก็ดีนะ ดีกว่าปอยฝ้ายเยอะ

I havent any word to appreciate this post.....Really i am impressed from this post....the person who create this post it was a great human..thanks for shared this with us.
Accelerate Eben Pagan

it kinda has the folk vibe that only love by ben someone has

New single on i-Tunes called, "Open Skies." Music video will soon be released! THX!! Todd Barrow

baru mau didonlot

The "Amelia" was gud

perfect :)

you have a ware voice keep doing what your doing healing people wit your lyrics


Great Music! =)


I took out an old mix cd I had made a while ago and Amelia came on. It made my day. :)

soo good!

I must say...this song caught me from the beginning, your awesome! I wish you the very best! Damn American Idol...your a true singer and should be acknowledge! Good luck.
PS- I will by any album you produce, just let me know where to get it! If I must say..I love Jewel,however, your at least three notches above her! Peace!

so good!

hey i like the way u play music its very sweet like honey. (not to sound awkward)keep it up please



I love your voice and your spirit with the simplicity of your guitar work and sound. Ahh if only I could sing like this. Too timid to send my voice out there yet. Ahh, to be able to sing like you would be such a dream. But Alas but we can still enjoy your talent. How about trying your work out on and enter the Women/Songwriters competition. The Competition is fierce but this business is about growing pains and learning more about our craft toward achieving perfection. Keep Rockin It. Oh yeah take a peek at my sight maybe we can collab someday...The Shaman - Dr Linda J


Your voice is beautiful and calming.


Hey Erin,

Hope you're well~ Are you planning on playing anywhere in north texas anytime soon?


You took me rigth away :-)

It was great chatting with you and Brian. I misplaced the CD you signed! I'm sure it's somewhere in my luggage somewhere, but in the event I can't find one I'll have to order another through MadeLoud!


Loved your set at the Monolith festival last weekend! I am a friend of the MadeLoud founders and was there to help them run the booth and whatnot. I hope you upload some music on here soon :) Take care

Good song. Nice Voice.

i love your Amelia song :)

Nice song! Greatings from Germany!

love it

: )

"My favorite new album." -Kevin Connor 90.5FM KUT
"5 Stars" -Austin Monthly

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Aug 13, 2008
In the dense biosystem of Austin musicians, sticking out and making a living is a combination of the right songs, right moves, and right promotion that has no set formula. Fortunately for singer/songwriter Erin Ivey, exposure has led her from coffeshop gigs for friends into festival appearances and even a little internet notoriety. Ivey spoke with MadeLoud about listening to and playing music,...

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