Dellie Hoskie The Legend — USA, FL

Genre: Indie

Artist Profile

Name: Dellie Hoskie The Legend
Label: RYS Records( Fl USA ). & AppolloEarBone Music Enterprises, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ USA).
Location: USA FL


DELLIE HOSKIE is a Master. He’s been around for a While impressing the World with his Intense soul Grooves and He’s Back. At this point, we won’t be able to get enough of him. His music is Full of heart, Life and Tears. Could it get any better than that?

Dellie Hoskie, a CT artist, is considered a legend in New Haven. Dellie has over 40 years of experience as an iconed Rhythm and Blues soul artist. Dellie’s credits include The Clown and How Much Can A Man Take.

Dellie has performed with some of the best entertainers in the gospel and jazz industry, including The Five Blind Boys, Shirley Ceasar and The Five Satins were he was on the road with them for a short time.

The Clown & How much can a man take Both were Gold records sold millions world wide in 1971 and made Billboard top 20 for two weeks. In 2004, Dellie released a new album I’m Back, But My Love Is Gone”. Dellie had released his album under a new management company, and they released his album world wide.

This company AppolloEarBone Music Enterprises, Inc gave Dellie a new start.So far things about to turn around for him again we think that his new "soul pop,soft rock"sound will turn out to be his next hit.

Now his career are about to take off, the management company are looking forward signing Dellie for another four year.This company are nothing like Nobles Record who took Dellie for a ride with his first gold records he made in early 70th "THE that sold millions and Dellie never received one dime from his songs.

Delllie’s insistence to produce more great music is what makes him the great artist that he is. His soul is in his music.Dellie is doing it again! At the tender age of 61, Dellie is trying to make a comeback.Dellie composes all his beats and writes his own lyrics.

Dellie’s style is strictly Old School with that vintage Rhythm and Blues flair you love to listen to while taking in a jazz session to chill out and have fun. When Dellie sings, he reminds me of the days when jazz was most popular and jazz sessions were most prevalent.

Dellie said that his best song are "OLD FORK HOME" because it is about his mother, you much hear this song it is the 12 song on the list you will understand were he are comming from.

Dellie really need all the support he can get. contact him by email. [email protected] or AppolloEarBone Music Enterprises or just leve him a comment.

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 05/23/1953
Number of Members: 1
Gender of Members: Male

Band Members / Instruments:
Dellie Hoskie: I'M playingall of them you hear on my songs.

Musical Influences:
Otis Redding,Jame Brown, Sam Cook,Four Tops.


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