CringeWorks — Baltimore, MD

Genre: Experimental

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Artist Profile

Name: CringeWorks
Label: Sherring productions
Location: Baltimore MD


Welcome to our world of music. We are a music project from Baltimore Maryland. Thank you for listening and please feel free to comment back to us. Also we have launched a .com www.Cringeworks.com please check it out! Thanks Stuart, Chris and Jennifer

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 09/11/2003
Number of Members: 3
Gender of Members: Male/Female

Band Members / Instruments:
Stuart: Bass, Guitar, Synth, Percussion, Vox
Jennifer: Vox
Chris: Lead Guitar, Acoustic, Keys, Percussion

Musical Influences:
A huge ton all music from Zepplin,yes to Peter Kater.


Venues Played:

Most Frequent Venue:

Favorite Venue:

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