Colors of Lights
Manchester NH
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'Colors of Lights' is db aka/ dUpE bOvInE and/or Doug. db has played in several bands with various eclectic styles for many years from Ambient to Zydeco. All music is written, arranged, produced and mastered in the 'Waves of Vibration home studio by db.

At the age 13 I bought a $49.00 electric guitar and amplifier using my earnings from washing out the emptied 55 gallon drums that contained the cows blood that was used to make the blood sausage and pudding...


Around the age of 15 I was jamming in a local church basement with a friend (who later left this dimension)... During one song I felt like it wasn't me that was playing the guitar... I was amazed and confused when I stopped playing what I played... I felt like someone else had played through me...

Fast forward through an extremely lengthy tale of woe and misery... followed by interstellar interplanetary travels. Arriving back on the planet Earth circa 1994-95.

I began to document my adventures via the 3 universal languages...

Color, Light and Vibration

The space in betweeen the atoms...
Every Voice and Sound I've heard...

Waves of Vibration


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