Clayborne Fox — Saint Petersburg, FL

Genre: Experimental / Folk / Rock

Artist Profile

Name: Clayborne Fox
Label: Pure Sound Records
Location: Saint Petersburg FL


The band evolved when two cousins who purposed, in 2005, to write a rock and roll musical that features the talents of various musicians.

The story involve the music enthusiast/ local musician who is trying to play music in a society saturated an image-based music scene.

Although the album Clayborne Fox is rooted in classic rock and folk tones, the project incorporates a modern drive and features instruments ranging from the piano, violin, and cello to the slap bass, bagpipes, and banjo.

The goal of the project was to expirement by using guitar tones, various instruments, and different voices to tell a story and animate the characters.

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 05/01/2005
Number of Members: 3
Gender of Members: Male

Band Members / Instruments:
Cody Roberts: Writer, Guitar, Piano, vocals
Will Roberts: Writer, Guitar, vocals
Daylon Cassel: Percussion

Musical Influences:
Pink Floyd
Paul Simon
Led Zeppelin
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Neil Young


Venues Played:

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Favorite Venue:

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