Ci — Philadelphia, PA

Genre: Hip Hop / Pop / Rap

Artist Profile

Name: Ci
Label: Xperimental Records
Location: Philadelphia PA


I’ve lived in Philly all 23 years of my life, born and raised. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to grow up. My family didn’t live in the best of neighborhoods when I was growing up but I was lucky to have two hard working parents who never let up. I guess it rubbed off because I wanted to be just as hard-working as them, so I was really ambitious as a child. From elementary school to college I always tried my hardest to get the best grades I possibly could. I managed to graduate from Penn State in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science and Technology.

I’ve always been into music since I was little; it wasn’t until I was about 17 when I decided to start writing music. At the time I wasn’t that good but I was determined to become better at it, and that could only happen if I kept writing. So from the time I was 17 up until now I’ve been working to fine-tune my flow and lyrics and find a style that works for me. As long as I continue to write and put my all into it I figure I can only get better. I feel that I am finally finding myself in music and the true meaning of hip-hop. Hip-hop has always been a love of mine and most of my influences are the pioneers who ruled hip-hop at its peak. I feel that hip-hop today is losing itself and needs to be returned to its former glory. My goal is to make good music that the people can listen and relate to while at the same time staying true to what the original idea of hip-hop is. If you love hip-hop, we’ll definitely get along.

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 03/11/2004
Number of Members: 1
Gender of Members: Male

Band Members / Instruments:
Cientifik: microphone

Musical Influences:
Talib Kweli
Krs One
A Tribe called quest
Dr. Dre
Kanye West


Venues Played:
None yet but I'm hoping too =]

Most Frequent Venue:

Favorite Venue:

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