Checkpoint 1337 — Atlanta (GA Tech), GA

Genre: Hip Hop / Rap

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Title: Live from 105

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Comin' live
Outta Smith 105
Told us to do it
Now we always ready to rhyme -
Anytime -
Bust a line
Flowin' hard
On anybody's behind
Blow ya mind
With the sickest rhymes
Ever spat through a mic
The beat's our lives
Our hearts thump to the rhy-thm
Of the bass, the hi-hats
The kicks and the snare drums
Ballin' hard on the track
Cross ya up, sucka, And 1
Now sit back, relax,
And listen to our anthem

Verse 1 (Dubby C)

Now everybody freeze
Now turn me up
When Dubby C get on the mic
He's levin' all you suckas stuck
Goin' hard at the CRC
Ain't nobody seein' me
The way I shoot the rock from 3
Leave 'em in amazement, B
But I ain't even focused yet
Make me mad and you'll regret
Contemplatin' ever steppin' to me
Call me Hulk 'cuz I'm a beast
On the court and on the track
Rhymin' got you jumpin' back
Pressure cookin' these floetics
Need some schoolin'
Here's your lesson
3 'o clock
In the mornin'
Gettin' up
From a nap
Feelin' quite epiphanistic
'Bout to get flo-fulleristic
Tryin' to rip it
No direction
But it's really
Not impressin' me
Mic check
Clear my throat one time
Now I'm ready
Take eleven
Got this dope new verse
'Bout to spit it in reverse
'Cuz you know it's comin' live
Straight from the 1-0-5


Verse 2 (Flamin' Hot Cheetos)

Born in the country
Now I'm livin' in the city
Comin' straight from Warner Robins
If ya hear me raise 'em with me
Rep the 4-7-8
Now I gotta bring the history
Well we started pretty low
How we got here still a mystery
Seein' 3 Tech students
In the dorm spittin' rhymes
'Til they kick us out
Or 'til the sun don't rise
With flows outta sight
And rhymes so tight
Keep up the beat
And we continue to write
We continue to flow
'Til our brains explode
Flamin' Hot Cheetos
Gonna do it some mo'
Beat's droppin'
Rhythm's poppin'
Ain't stoppin'
Ain't floppin'
Keep it goin'
Keep it flowin'
Never slowin'
Ever growin'
In the Smith dorm
Right across from North Ave.
Open up the windows
Give 'em somethin' Tech's never had
And we gon' keep on givin'
Checkpoint, baby
Never reachin' the endin'


Verse 3 (50-50)

You said you
Want it Want it
And now you
Got it Got it
Thirteen Thrity Seven
Drop the beat
We get upon it
So harmonic
Flow retarded
Get it started
Goin' harder than the rest
We the best
No doubt we on it
Knock us down
And we respawnin'
Come back even
More demonic
Spittin' chronic
Crack dope
Addictive rhymes
Fast flow
"Ooh, they good"
Yeah we know
Get better
Every time we go
Spittin' out these verses
Even easier than free throws
DJ scritchy scratchin'
Step on stage
Lights, camera, action
Got the spotlights beamin'
Girls screamin'
All of us just cabbage patchin'
Backstage chillin'
Feet up laughin'
Countin' stacks
We made from rappin'
Rubber band bank
Investin' in ourselves
WE made this happen
Stackin' cheddar cheese
Four more years comin'
At least
Gonna take us more than that
Just to get our degrees
Turn up the heat
With the chatter
GT's rappin'
Now listen to the drums
Catch that Ratatta


[Fade Out]


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