CasondraKay — Woodland Hills, CA

Genre: Alternative

Artist Profile

Name: CasondraKay
Label: Unsigned
Location: Woodland Hills CA


Casondra Zambrano’s Bio

This fantastic and versatile musician admits to several genres of music which she sings. These are Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Classic Rock, Country Rock, Classical, Indie, RMB, Trance, and Opera. She has been singing since about the age of 6 when she would entertain her mother with all of the songs she had learned. Her basic message is being a role model who says “No” to drugs and alcohol and “Yes” to staying in school.

Today, Casondra is a singer/songwriter/actor who is committed to her passion for singing and performing. She has worked with several pros in the past few years and is now ready to emerge as an artist expressing her talents in both song and film. Sony producer, Bruce Vanderveer, (Automatic) has produced four of her songs which were written by Bruce and Charity Vanderveer aka The Vanderveers. Casondra has a unique blend of her own style with strong rhythms and amazing vocals. Casondra thanks Bruce for his belief in her talents.

This artist’s drives are her voice and her potential. Casondra wants to be looked up to by her fans and she wants to set examples so that they are uplifted by her music and her life. She admits that being on stage and performing gives her an adrenalin boost which drives her even more to fulfill her musical goals.

When asked what topics she sings about, her reply is “Everything. There’s not one thing I would not sing about because all ideas can be included in music.” Her biggest challenge at the moment is to find a manager who will steer her in the right direction and give her honest advice about her career.

The bottom line for Casondra is to give her audience positive messages concerning decisions about life’s ups and downs. She considers one of her most powerful ideas, which is the inspiration behind one of her songs called “I Died on the Freeway”, to be deciding not to drive when sleepy. Many unnecessary wrecks are caused by people driving when overly tired and Casondra wants to warn people against this type of activity.

This artist’s goals are three-fold:

• Making an album;
• Getting a Grammy; and
• Lasting for a long, long time in the music industry.
Talent Manager Pat O'Brien

Casondra does have an excellent CD which can be found at



Background Information

Date Started Playing: 02/01/1999
Number of Members: 1
Gender of Members: Female

Band Members / Instruments:
Casondra Kay: Singing

Musical Influences:
Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Rolling Stones,Evanescence,Sublime


Venues Played:
Knitting Factory
Rumba Room
Little Wayne Show Case
Pace Show
Staple Center Sang National Anthem

Most Frequent Venue:

Favorite Venue:

Average: 3 (1 vote)

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