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What made you want to start making music?

Music is the love of our lives. Music is what connects people, and music is the best way of expressing inner emotion. Music is why we wake up everyday and is our greatest passion. It's how we express the un-expressable. Maren loves to sing and write lyrics, and Dave loves to bring it all together. We are on a journey of creating our own sound, and loving it.

Tell us what your music is about? How has your subject matter evolved?

Our music, well, the lyrics especially are written about emotions, places, scenes, and ideas. We are also inspired by other artists and genres of music. We want each of our songs to take someone away to a different place, a different time or a different emotion.

What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with? And why?

We would love to collaborate with Elvis (the king!), The Beatles, No Doubt, Shakira, Ellie Goulding, Lights and Ben Folds :) Maren loves the mentioned female singers because that's the music she grew up on - that's helped inspire and shape her lyrics and voice. We believe all these artists are talented, sincere and have no choice but to make music. They do it (or did it) for the love, the passion of it.

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist/band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

Our biggest challenge is to find an audience who enjoys listening to our music. We're looking for that one person who genuinely loves our tracks and wants to download them all. Our other biggest challenge is remembering to believe in ourselves when nobody else does.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music? How do you envision that happening?

We hope we can affect people emotionally with our music and make a difference to them. :) We hope people can relate to what we are saying and feeling with our music. We want to write songs that move people just like the songs that have moved us.

Band Members: 
Member Name Instruments
1 Maren EliseVocal, Lyrics, Titles, Concepts
2 Dave GreeningMusic, Mix
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Well i am a fan of country music and i have always and will have country music as part of my life


Run me Dry

Thank you, so sorry once more! Won't happen again!


Hey, I saw your comment. No problem! No love lost. Thanks for your honesty. =^)

K, cole

very very good

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