BH — Robstown, TX

Genre: Hardcore / Metal / Punk

Song Information

Title: Spanky

Price: 0.01

Content Guide: Explicit





Well I think were all just fucked can't seem to get unstuck
And what are we trying to be a magazines fucken dream another dumb zombie

This is for the people that in society eyes
are to fat to skinny or just plain old fucken ugly

Do you stop to think? That its a posability

Your not the only one that feels caught and can't get free
Why do they control your life? They don't have a hold on me

One thing i'm tired of all you mother fuckers that have a dream
But are to scared to reach out and get it


Hold tight take a deep breath lay you insignificance to fucken rest
Life ain't hard suck it up it's conceded mother fuckers that get caught up
Hold your own cause thats all you got don't just wait and rott
Well they ain't nothing to me just another leaf on a tree


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