Ben Hammond — Hiram, ME

Genre: Acoustic / Pop / Rock

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Title: No History

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a little advice for you, just between friends, that's what you want us to be now, isn't it?
next time you decide that you made a mistake, 6 months might be a little long to wait
to say you still got some feelings for me, you're not sure if its love
oooh i've got some feelings for you too, just not the same one's you're thinking of

call me up again last night, ask what's been up, like you didn't already know
tell you about this new girl i met, after my show, (baby uh-oh)
you get angry and you asked me, what she's got over you, couple things, don't wanna get into it right now
but you insist just like you always do, so here goes

1st of all, she there for me, which is more than i can say for you
2nd of all she's telling me the truth
3rd thing on this list, that you're asking me to give you

she ain't got no history, (of making me cry)
she ain't got no history, (of going off with some other guy)
and every time i'm gonna see you standing all along
i'll just look away and say, "you got what you wanted"


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