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1 Ben Hammondvocals, Guitars, Songwriting, Vocal Percussion, Theremin
Music Label: Peliguin Drop
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the beatles
John Mayer
Stevie Wonder
Dave Matthews
Kurt Elling
Lauryn Hill
The Roots

Started Playing: January, 1983



[Reasonably] Honest

The 10 songs on "Honest" encompass a spectrum of styles and expression. "Let's Get Alone" is soulful and driven, "It's OK" is a song with a swollen heart. "Don't you ever go and drop me, now that I've got no way of stopping," beseeches Hammond with just enough inflection to leave its mark.

"Touch" is a spring-loaded toe tapper with fantastic female back-up vocals that give it a funky sheen. "Start Breathing" turns in on itself through Hammond's lovelorn lyrics, sung with a controlled fervor that both sooths and burns.

The record's closing track, "Another Friend," is upbeat with salty words: "You used to act so happy and then those gray clouds came up under your eyes. Is there something you've been hiding?"

Congrats, Ben, on the standout record and the show at the House that Noonan Built on Tuesday night. Visit for free mp3s and more info.

By Aimsel Ponti, June 5th 2008 Portland Press Herald


Review at
- "[This] singer-songwriter does a lot more than just play guitar; he beat boxes, circuit bends and writes damned good songs… his new CD, [Reasonably] Honest, has ten tracks that weave in and out of jazz, rock, reggae, rap and pop while staying true to a sound that is definitely Ben Hammond. [He] sounds, vocally, like Jamie Cullum and John Mayer and has a bouncy guitar style with great backbeats that remind me of Jack Johnson. The thing that sets him apart from those guys is his ability to blur the line between jazz, pop and hip-hop and do it so that it doesn't sound forced."


“The songs on “[Reasonably] Honest” may seem like a straightforward collection of love songs, but there’s more going on. Hammond begins with the formula of a love ballad and gives it a twist. His songs feature conflict and struggle. They aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Hammond is willing to go beyond the superficial and brush up against darker themes.” Alec Kerr, Conway Daily Sun

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Let's Get Alone feat. Kweku 3:31CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
3:20CleanAdd to PlaylistFree
It's Ok 4:10CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
Lemme Know 3:29CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
Touch 2:43CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
Start Breathing 5:13CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
When I'm Supposed To 3:51CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
4:32CleanAdd to PlaylistFree
Another Friend 4:39CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89
Something New 2:16CleanAdd to Playlist$0.89


you sound like Maxwell...




...Was looking thru some things and came across your pro-mo add in Disc Makers-sweet! Way cool my friend, just like your tuneage....The Thin One

Love your style man

t-shirts in blue, black, or brown? Oh my!

I love his voice :)


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