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Awake! Awake!

Awake! Awake!

Nashville TN

The Fall/The Flight

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Over the edge
So scared, so unsteady
I leapt from the ledge
Was I ready?
Was I ready for you?


I fall into the deep
Here with you and this uncharted air beneath me
I'm powerless to prove myself
When you already see my faults
Limitless sky and I, so lost


Over the edge
So scared to take this pledge
To be an open door and let you pour this light
On my darkest corridors
But I can't be the me I've been before, I start to see
You pledged first your heart to me
And here I fall, Oh I fall

Free, I fall
Free, I fall
Free, I fall

Now, in my descent, after all my sight is spent, I see
In this surrender, in this sweet release my restless heart assures me
Letting go, I've lost control to you, yet finally I find that I am free
But instead of sinking to the depths, my soul is swelling up and up
Rising to the heights and I fall, I fall into flight
I fall, I fall
And you are by my side
I fall, I fall
And in your heart, I'll hide
I fall, I fall


Ionestly don't understand how you guys aren't famous yet!?!?!?!?!

fucking awesome

enjoy the depth and resonance

Nice song

Thanks old classic

good nice

Thank you Umar!

Great sound. Love it

Thanks Redtail!

musicians bro musicians!!!!!!!!!!!!!33

Thanks Anonymous! One our favs off the first album

love it!

Thanks man one of the tracks we still really dig from our first album

Do you have this track as an instrumental?

Yeah we do actually email us at [email protected] and we can get it to you

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