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Book of 15, verse 4
Original, Devastatingly talented, hard at it, and gangster are just a few words, one could use to describe the hardest unknown underground
artist in south-east Arkansas. 1504 of D.T.O record/ Blac Mafia Productionz, proudly presents our latest and hardest album to date
" OperationGetSumthin". "In my honest opinion the best work i've ever done! I chose not to curse on this one, cause we done did that, matter
fact I do it everyday. See i'm one of them off the block, ole country ass niggaz, that aint never have shit and was'nt raised quite right. Don't get
it twisted though, a nigga daily accused of being articulate as fuck. I was raised to understand stupidity, love and hustlin don't mix.
This is my 1st attempt to reach or even care about a broader audience. Let no mistake G made, to those who know of me,
I ain't tone down shit, I just did'nt curse. Part of that is due to fatherhood, my oldest a hellraiser too, but i refuse to let my lil dude fuck up
like I did. You see i'm good at this, but it's other shit I could've did, and alll the opportunities I had at those,, I destroyed, being hard headed
and 'bout these street's. Man to Man or shall I say G to world, I'd rather die before I see my seed do the same.
If I sell a mill before I die, I do, If I don't, it is what it is, but at that time, what will be known is, I layed it down like this because I could!
That's the message of this album, you can do what the fuck you wanna do, regaurdless of what or who say otherwise. Man up or Bytch out
it's on you. In my life I don't need friends, but I got kids, so I had to tone down a lil bit. Speak on something real, like history and change.
In my eyes, no matter how you start or where you from, before life is over with, you will see and experience just that, "Change", good or bad,
depends entirely on you, know what i'm talkin' 'bout???.
I'm living and have lived a hell of a life patna, seen a lot of miles that a lot have yet to travel. Now i'm like if i can take some of these road
blocks, I had to deal with out, I am, and this is my attempt to do so. To all my thug's this kinda like football, I'mma get ya 6 yards!,
but YOU gotta TAKE that whole 10 of my hit. In other words listen, let pain be a strength, death is a promise, life is a gamble like dice,
like Pac said, "you can's stand the pain better hold 'em, cause ain't no tellin' what you might roll, throw craps, get shot or catch aids from a
slight cold" So again with a track record of being one of the hardest working gangstaz in the underground today, void of a major record deal,
but listened to and spoken of frequently, we at D.T.O. proudly unveil to the world,, 1504! c.e.o. of Blac Mafia Productions, Hustlaz Inc. press
play and come find me!

Scarface, 2Pac, 2-Short, N.W.A., Erik B & Rakim

D.T.O. Records
Mar 1, 1996


Feeling the tracks homie...striaght up! I remind of Face. Keep it up and don't let up my nigg! Get at me though. Check out the page...I got some heat for you too! 1

1504, Yo, glad to see you made the home page. Yo joints are the sh.. )

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