Music licensing means different things to different people. If you are an artist, licensing your music means you are giving permission for people to use your songs other than individual enjoyment. If you are a person seeking to use music for a project you must obtain permission from the owner of the song in order to use it. This article is to...  Read more

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Do artists from big cities in France have a significant advantage over their American equivalents? It feels like after the success of Air and Phoenix, to say nothing of less popular (in America, anyway) but still vital artists like Bertrand Burgalat, the French have had some weird lead on the rest of the world when it comes to lush electronica...  Read more
When I was a child, there was a species of person (or insect) I hated more than any other - the litterbug. How a person could uncaringly, lazily throw their trash on the ground instead of in the proper receptacle was absolutely beyond me. Then again, I was raised in the '80s, a time when the odd conflation of hippie environmentalism with the...  Read more
Richard Wagstaff "Dick" Clark was raised and educated in New York - high school in Mount Vernon, and Syracuse University - then he came back home to begin his broadcasting career both on television and on the radio. Wikipedia says this: "As host of American Bandstand, with his strong communication skills, he was a 'primary force in legitimizing...  Read more
So, Ronnie and Heather Whitley Gibson "have been married for over two years now" and "have been writing songs since the day they met." Aww! Still in the throes of connubial bliss, obviously, and it sounds like it has been a vibrant partnership creatively as well as romantically. Ronnie is from Ohio originally, Heather hails from Winnipeg, and...  Read more
You don't often seen an artist list "acoustic" and "electronica" as two of the genres they work in, but that's exactly what Norwegian artist Helge Krabye a.k.a. Homeless Balloon does. Like our interviewee Holmes, Krabye works in commercial sound design, where he has "composed original music for television documentaries, radio plays, fantasy...  Read more
"Groban...Groban..." you might be thinking. "That name sounds familiar...oh well!" And then you eat a Kit Kat because why not. But wait! Sara Groban does, in fact, share a lineage with the world-famous Josh Groban. They are cousins. You know Josh Groban! He had a good bit part on The Office not that long ago, and people love his voice. But we'...  Read more
I was nine when Napster hit its peak. The fallout and legislation started swarming when I was barely in middle school. By the end of 6th grade I had learned how to skip ads and download AC/DC songs off the internet, the year after my cousin introduced me to the p2p network. I think the first I downloaded was the silly, surface-level rebel video...  Read more
Because rock musicians are by and large liberal and conservative politicians largely, uh, aren't, sometimes getting permission to rock out during your campaign to the sort of music meant to get your red Republican blood flowing can be a problem. To wit, Sarah Palin ran into trouble when she tried to soundtrack her campaign to Heart's "Barracuda,"...  Read more
Don't let the oddly tentative name fool you - See You Saturday? are not shy. The Massena, New York band have a couple of demos up on their MadeLoud page, and you can also hear a preview of newer song "Colombian Necktie." Up and comers, they've been recording and if you like your metal with a little bit of melody, it'll be in your best interest to...  Read more
Hearsay and rumors play a big part in keeping the music industry vibrant and entrenched the collective consciousness of the listener, which is an advantage slower, more "serious" mediums like book authorship and academic lecturing don't have. The plus is that music seems sexy and lively, while the downside is that we often get into tabloid...  Read more

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