Music licensing means different things to different people. If you are an artist, licensing your music means you are giving permission for people to use your songs other than individual enjoyment. If you are a person seeking to use music for a project you must obtain permission from the owner of the song in order to use it. This article is to...  Read more

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MegaZilla, a bass and drum duo from Colombia, Missouri wears their version of gross heaviness with a unique grace many bands can't attain. Comprised of Joey Hook and Corey Cottrell, who played together in rock outfit Grand Canyon back in ol' MO, the two united over their experience in "heavy, brooding bands," explains bassist Cottrell. Influenced...  Read more
The Black Angels
In a way, it's almost unfortunate that The Black Angels are so topical. It's unfortunate because the subject matter - the grim events leading up to the Vietnam War, their aftereffects and aftershocks - are all too similar to our current war in Iraq, when by all accounts our country should've learned our lesson a hundred times over since then....  Read more
Clap Your Hands
One of the many amazing functions of the human body right up there with respiration, digestion and responsiveness is percussion. There's an incidental and environmental beauty captured when a joint goes "pop" and an air of cool coordination when fingers go "snap", but neither will ever be as important as two hands coming together to make a "...  Read more
As the last official packaged version of Radiohead's In Rainbows makes its way to retail outlets in single-disc CD form, fanboys, pundits and critics alike are preparing their last salvo of applause and praise for the boys from Abingdon. By virtue of the band's stature, long-running critical favor, intense fan devotion and unorthodox choice of pay...  Read more
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Artist: @jayfowl
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