Music licensing means different things to different people. If you are an artist, licensing your music means you are giving permission for people to use your songs other than individual enjoyment. If you are a person seeking to use music for a project you must obtain permission from the owner of the song in order to use it. This article is to...  Read more

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Band breaks-ups are and aren't like romantic break-ups. We use the same phrase for both, but how often are you able to salvage a failed romantic episode simply by "changing direction" and switching out (some) personnel? Most band break-ups don't result the same deep scars implicit in the dating world, and good things don't have to go to waste just...  Read more
The quality of homemade videos has gone up with the ease of making them - not the way the relationship with art and commerce always works. Nowadays, anyone with a laptop and the right software can make a music video that at least sounds decent, and lots of editing software out in the ether can help you make the visuals match the music. If it...  Read more
I was in Murfreesboro (TN) during the winter break. The place struck me as your prototypical medium-sized college town, with lots of youth-oriented restaurants and bars that rubbed up against an older 'ye olde town square' architecture. Pretty much like Texas towns San Marcos and Denton, in other words - a good place to study but without a whole...  Read more
It's a rainy, grey afternoon in Austin, and the perfect time to listen to the still, sweet folk of MadeLoud artist Serena Matthews. Her latest album is entitled 2012, and as topical as the title is, the music feels like classic acoustic balladry found in the naturalistic, pastoral songs that hooked our attention decades back. Matthews' voice is...  Read more
You may have met Jaguar Ka$h previously (or J. Kash, Johnny Kash, etc.) if you're a big fan of BET's 106 and Park's "Freestyle Friday," where he held a seven-week long winning streak. Later, Ka$h toured with Nas (in 2007, it looks like), and he most recently has relocated to Atlanta. He is now represented by the Popular Music Group, and his newest...  Read more
In 2009 we learned that Adam "MCA" Yauch had been diagnosed with cancer - the growth was on his parotid gland, and he, along with band mate Adam "Ad-Rock" Horowitz, appeared in a video where he calmly discussed the news and explained his diagnosis. He said the cancer was "very treatable in most cases...they caught it early and it's not in any...  Read more
Here's a curiosity for you - sweet, somewhat sad twee-folk courtesy of The Talking Bugs from Imola. Imola, California, you ask? Nope - Imola, Italy. While we're not experts on what happens in the great-boot-country that gave mankind its greatest achievement (pizza, duh! and the Renaissance, I guess), this is a nice surprise. A four-piece that...  Read more
How many of you have gotten tired and frustrated with the politics and bullshit of your profession to the point where you wish you could start your own company? Well, Ian Christe did just that. After writing for many publications, and writing the metal history Sound of the Beast for HarperCollins and the Van Halen history Everybody Wants Some for...  Read more
Leading up to our interview with Austin electronic-leaning rock band Knifight, I was given the impression by a couple of friends/co-conspiritors of the band that the group would either go all-out goofy on me or get surprisingly serious. Neither sounded entirely appealing, and when they were a comfortable mix of both, I was relieved. What was...  Read more
RJ Smith has been a regular contributor to publications including Los Angeles magazine, Blender, The Village Voice, Spin, and New York Magazine; his current book is the comprehensive biography of James Brown, The One, which has just been published by Penguin. It has received rave reviews from all over, and Smith has definitely pulled off a hell of...  Read more

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