The strange thing about nostalgia is the surprise factor involved. For example, you can account for a certain song you listened to when you were dating a certain person to dredge up certain memories, but sometimes revisiting albums from the past barely stirs a passing thought. And then there's the stuff for which you can't even account - for...  Read more

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Way back in the mid-90s, when men were men, robots were robots, and electronica was still made by rubbing two sticks together, my mind was fused, smushed, stomped on, and cybernetically mulched by Aphex Twin’s “Ventolin (Video Version)”, about the most brutally irritating assault ever committed to digital. Anchored with a high-pitched buzzing...  Read more
Wovenhand - The Threshing Floor
Folk music can mean a lot of different things: sincere music of liberation written in the fields by the oppressed and performed in coffee shops by the middle class; effete English acoustic trills for children and faeries; black Dionysiac druid music by which to sell your soul at midnight. David Eugene Edwards’ latest project Wovenhand nods to all...  Read more
After falling back together for a 2007 album, Crowded House return with their sixth full-length and their first recorded as a full band since 1993. Leader Neil Finn got his start playing in big brother Tim's new wave band, Split Enz. Formed as an art pop group in New Zealand in the early '70s, Split Enz became a strong commercial force and issued...  Read more
Gotham Green and DJ Quickie Mart - Haze Diaries Vol. 3
There’s no mistaking the source of the titular haze in Gotham Green and DJ Quickie Mart’s third full-length release. The Los Angeles-based hip-hop duo makes its fondness for herbal essences abundantly clear with track titles like “You Couldn’t Get Much Higher,” “Pass it Over Here” and “Smoke for the Ladies.” It would be a mistake to dismiss Haze...  Read more
Paul Manousos - C’mon c’mon
When it comes to new music, reviewers and music lovers are fickle and faddish people. We love the “next new thing” - the record that changes the landscape, the band that goes out on a limb and comes back with something amazing. And well we should! But not every record can be game-changing: many albums, while they don’t necessarily break the mold,...  Read more
Canadian trio Plants and Animals call their music “post-classic rock” and it’s a telling choice. In the first place, they are indeed trapped in days of boomers past. And in the second, as the phrase indicates, they are significantly less clever than they think they are. Not that La La Land (a cloyingly stupid name, I’d add) is terrible. If when...  Read more
The Toadies have been around forever — since 1989, at least, which at this point qualifies as forever. After breaking up in 2001, they reformed late in the decade; the newly released Feeler is the second album by Toadies 2.0. Originally recorded in 1997, Feeler was supposed to have been the follow-up album to 1994’s popular Rubberneck; however,...  Read more
UK singer-songwriter Laura Marling doesn't constrain her folk songs to the influences of her homeland. Her sophomore album, I Speak Because I Can, betrays hints of rustic Americana as well. Since Appalachian folk music grew primarily from British and Irish ballads, jigs, and reels, Marling's blurring of traditional borders here actually brings...  Read more
Look Mexico’s sophomore effort, To Bed To Battle, is a rock album filled with poppy, catchy songs that combine a melodic indie sound with tight songwriting and judicious instrumentation. Look Mexico does a good job of keeping simplicity in mind, drawing inspiration from pop-punk and emo-ey bands as well as more traditional rock. However, by...  Read more
Judging by the band name, album title and creepy cover art, it’s tough not to go into Dreamend’s So I Ate Myself, Bite By Bite expecting some manner of metal, or at least goth rock. That makes it a little jarring when the album opens with the delicate lilt of a tinkling piano on “Pink Cloud in the Woods” and continues down an increasingly eclectic...  Read more

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