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The Kid Henry - The Kid Henry

The strange thing about nostalgia is the surprise factor involved. For example, you can account for a certain song you listened to when you were dating a certain person to dredge up certain memories, but sometimes revisiting albums from the past barely stirs a passing thought. And then there's the stuff for which you can't even account - for example, why does listening to the self-titled debut EP from Long Island band The Kid Henry weirdly make this writer reminisce about the halcyon days of the mid '90s, when we were stretching our wings to the soundtrack of the third generation punk rockers MXPX and Tilt?

The Kid Henry aren't exactly punky - if anything, they cleave to the "alternative rock band" designation they give themselves, but we'll be damned if it doesn't share the same dynamics as the big and bittersweet closers on the aforementioned MXPX's best effort Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffallo. Take "What We've Become," a slowly boiling hard ballad that joins lead singer Alexandra Lombardi's supple but pretty tone with chugging, intent guitars and a stomping rhythm section. "Dirty Dancing" is a little more overtly quickfooted and catchy, and the anthem "A Month Of Sundays" combines the band's signature soft-loud dynamics to great effect - it's a song that begs to come out of car windows at a high volume.

Though it's a consistent EP, it's still possible to parse the stronger tracks from the weaker. "Legendary" is intent on telling a story to the detriment of lyrical pacing, and "Change Of Scene" is pleasantly punky but doesn't have much to keep in lodged in the brain. The Kid Henry are finding their footing on this EP, a selection that will appeal to those of us who grew up with melodic punk rock and to new fans who think NOFX is a cleaning product. We look forward to hearing what steps they make in the near future.

Recommended Tracks: "A Month Of Sundays," "What We've Become"



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