Bill Baird has had an eventful decade. He rocketed to fame as a founding member of Sound Team, an indie band that at its peak was touring worldwide, released an album on Capitol Records, and even opened for Arcade Fire. Baird then founded Big Orange, an analogue recording studio, with his bandmates. But with fame came friction, and after Sound...  Read more

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Who says that an earnest desire to resuscitate music is a lost cause? Taking art seriously enough to seek to revive it to its finest form is a feat that's easily abandoned, though there are a few within music today that reside in that tucked-away minority. Barrett Walton of Infinity Recording Studios in Austin fits snugly into that niche. Since...  Read more
Stuart Sullivan, producer, proprietor, and wearer of many hats at Wire Recording in Austin, TX is an industry pearl. His is a noteworthy discography that began budding in a small suburban town in Central Indiana, where his musical family established a balance between creating and enjoying it quite early. With a 2-year wait list for guitar lessons...  Read more
The Producer’s Corner is a feature on MadeLoud where we take a look at how music gets stirred up and brewed in the studio. As any listener can tell you, the success of an album sometimes weighs just as heavily on choices made by the producer as it does on the band’s songs. Our interviewee today is Michael Macicak, an Austin-based producer who...  Read more
What comes to mind when you hear The Wonder Chamber? Something magical? Perhaps. Something that may hold a BDSM convention complete with play stations and leather? Maybe. Though there may be adaptations of the name here and there, in Austin, The Wonder Chamber is the coinage of Brian Beattie's musical lust for the perfect recording space....  Read more

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