What is Music Licensing?

What is Music Licensing?

Music licensing means different things to different people. If you are an artist, licensing your music means you are giving permission for people to use your songs other than individual enjoyment. If you are a person seeking to use music for a project you must obtain permission from the owner of the song in order to use it. This article is to explain the advantages of licensing music for artists and to explain the importance of legally purchasing music licenses for people seeking to use music for their projects.

Advantages for Artists Licensing Music

One of the major reasons artists should license their music is it opens up an additional revenue channel. The music industry is not only seeing a decline in traditional CD sales, but for the first time we are also seeing a decline in online download sales. Unfortunately, relying on song sales whether online or offline is not a sustaining revenue model for the majority of independent artists.

Another advantage for licensing songs is it provides an opportunity to have your music used in more lucrative ways. Below are some real life examples that we have been approached for before.

1. Companies could use your songs in corporate training videos.
2. Your songs could be used as the music to put customers on hold for customer support.
3. A student needs a unique song for their school project.
4. A restaurant owner is in need of songs to be played in their establishment that fit their unique theme.
5. An author would like to bundle a song with their ebook that accompanies the story.
6. An amateur skateboarder would like to purchase your song to use as background music for their youtube video
7. A film studio would like to use your song for a commercial to be aired on a local TV station
8. A charity organization would like to use your songs to promote their cause

As you can see, if you are an artist and license your music, your music becomes more of a utility that can serve a purpose. Your music can not only serve to entertain people individually, but become something much greater than that.

Advantages for Professionals Seeking to Use Music

If you are a professional and in need to use music for your project you generally have two options. One option is to use free music that is cleared under the creative commons license. The other option is to obtain (ask or purchase) permission to use music from the owner of the song. The owner of the song is typically the artist, however, there may be multiple owners that own the rights to the song if you are dealing with a higher profile artist.

Here at MadeLoud, we have worked with our artists and have obtained permission to use songs from the artist for you. You have permission to use these songs by purchasing a music license from our download page and selecting the correct license for your needs.

One major advantage to purchasing a music license from independent artists is it is often cheaper. If you purchase a music license from MadeLoud, our songs are royalty free which means there are no additional recurring costs in using the song. Considering the use of mainstream tracks usually comes with high licensing costs that can go upwards of thousands of dollars. You can still maintain the quality of your project by using independent music which are often inspired by more prominent artists. By purchasing a music license from an independent artist you are also supporting their music.

Another major advantage for purchasing music licenses is it protects you from copyright infringement. It is illegal to download and use songs that is not intended for individual use. Most of MadeLoud's independent artists have offered their tracks free to download for fans, but if you are looking to use songs for a project you must purchase a music license.



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