Jana G. Releases New EP I Am Jana

The poppy and rocking Jana G. out of Chicago has released a new EP, appropriately titled I Am Jana. Working with famed house music producer Vince Lawrence, G.'s sound is familiar but curious - "Open Up" is hyper, insistent, and altogether fun. Guitars chime along the bright vocals, and the instrumentation keeps the songs from dipping too far into a club-only mode.

Here's the track list for I Am Jana:

1. Open Up
2. I Did
3. Club Chick
4. Just Don't
5. Make Me
6. Sleepin'

Video for "Open Up":



Jana Rae Kramer is an American performer and state music singer. She is best recognized for her position as Alex Dupre on the TV series, One Tree Hill. Kramer begin a country music vocation in 2012 with the solitary "Why Ya Wanna", from her self-titled debut book for Elektra proceedings.


Very catchy video. Nice voice.

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