Music licensing means different things to different people. If you are an artist, licensing your music means you are giving permission for people to use your songs other than individual enjoyment. If you are a person seeking to use music for a project you must obtain permission from the owner of the song in order to use it. This article is to...  Read more

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I love music simply because it is universal. No matter where you are from or who you are everyone can relate to music one way or another. Music is also infectious in that it usually hits you with emotion. Sometimes it infects you so much so that it turns everyday ordinary objects into impromptu musical instruments. Here is a list of the most...  Read more
MadeLoud artists Edgar-O and and The United Rhythm & Groove Exchange are both planning new releases. On the fifteenth of this month, the jazzy (and often religious-themed) The United Rhythm & Groove Exchange are planning the release of a two-disc album called Let Your Mind Fly. Joining songwriter Victor McClain on this album are a mix...  Read more
One of the strongest of the Wu-Tang solo artists and a deep thinker in his own right, the GZA will speak at Harvard on December 1st, hosted by Harvard's Black Men's Forum. The lecture he'll present will feature thoughts on "his Clan, his craft, and his creativity." He's also going to tour academia while in Cambridge: he "will visit the Broad...  Read more
Unconventional, dramatic and mysterious, Ukrainian black metal outfit Drudkh are announcing a new album called Eternal Turn of the Wheel out February 24. The new album "marks a return to the band's roots and early sound," according to Season Of Mist, the French label that has been releasing Drudkh's albums since 2009. Their last full-length was...  Read more
CONTEST IS OVER - THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING! After years and years of bootlegs, alternate versions, and long-winded writing about the album, the official Smile box set is coming out. The unreleased album by The Beach Boys is arguably the most famous unreleased/unfinished album in pop history, but this deluxe, beautiful package is the most...  Read more
Hot on the release of their latest opus Abzu, thrash/black metal outfit Absu are taking to the road with tour stops in the Netherlands, stateside visits to Pennsylvania and New York, but not before headlining a show in Texas at a San Antonio mini-festival entitled "The Blackest Of Hate." The San Antonio show is tomorrow night (the 22nd) and...  Read more
The poppy and rocking Jana G. out of Chicago has released a new EP, appropriately titled I Am Jana. Working with famed house music producer Vince Lawrence, G.'s sound is familiar but curious - "Open Up" is hyper, insistent, and altogether fun. Guitars chime along the bright vocals, and the instrumentation keeps the songs from dipping too far into...  Read more
This year, rock and roll is part of the grand Halloween tradition of scaring people shitless, as MadeLoud artists Face The King play the Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey on October 15th. The show is free with park admission, and two other bands follow. Line-up 7:15: Face The King 8:30: Charetta 10: The August Infinity This...  Read more
The melodic, experimental, frequently acoustic-based indie rock act (and Dallas group) Dead Beat Poetry are releasing their debut album this Friday and celebrating with a show at the Liquid Lounge. The track list for the debut record still seems to be up in the air, as guitarist and singer Lulio Guevara explains: "It will probably have only a few...  Read more
Melodic rocker Drew Vics just released his new album It's All Timing. The songs are downloadable on Vics' site, and previewing the album we here straight-up rockers ("Boris and Ivan") alongside quieter acoustic numbers ("Barrel of Beauty"). A little something technical, but nothing outlandish. Plus, he wrote a song about a subject near and dear...  Read more

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