V-Day Wishes and Curses From MadeLoud

We thought about doing a piece like Ira Brooker's excellent round-up of love songs for the "inanimate" for this year's Valentine's Day article, but why should we sweat when our wonderful artists have done all of the work already? Here are a list of love/hate songs just in time for tonight's cry or kiss-fest, thanks to our own users.

1. Jonathan Burks - “I Hate Valentine's Day"

"They never turn out nice," concedes Burks on this track, where the Milwaukee singer-songwriter laments that while "kissy-face" is one of his favorite things, V-Day is usually a mess. Expectations can be a bitch, but this calm acoustic track is no bummer, at least.

2. Maestro J - “Valentine's Day Dream"

What's that? You don't hate V-Day? And maybe you'd like something a little funky, with a lot of violin, to get the mood right? Good for you, and by all means please download this track by Louisville musician Maestro J. It's like R. Kelly gets orchestral, but without the discomfort that you have to consider whenever you think about R. Kelly.

3. College Kidz - “Gotta Get It"

Two days ago, College Kidz announced on MadeLoud that they've got a mixtape called The Introduction of Vicky V: Valentines Day Massacre dropping. You can hear it now on Dat Piff, but here we have a cut called "Gotta Get It."

4. Tony Tate - “Let Me Love You"

Time to dance. Tony Tate takes it to the floor on this club-bumper.

5. Kelly Easter - “Save All My Love"

Let's keep it going with Kelly Easter out of Redding, CA. This near-inspirational dance track has a big sound and a catchy chorus.

6. Threads Of Madness - “Love Lies Bleeding"

Okay, time for a hate break. Austin's metal act Threads of Madness serve to remind us here that love is an ugly cruel beast that only wants to see you destroyed. Then again...

7. Scott McLean - “I Need Your Love"

What about when we get lonely? It's all well and good to crush romance to a pulp, but when those "lonely nights, lonely day(s)" keep coming around, throwing eggs at your ex's boyfriend's car only makes you feel good for so long, like a month. Then it's back to the bars...

8. Marshall Holland - “Must Be Love"

...or the internet or whatever, and then you meet the right person and it's all stars and puppies and your friends are grossed out.

9. Dave Beegle - “Look of Love (Electric)"

And we're back again to the sweet stuff. Whether you're single or helplessly enthralled to your beloved, we wish you the best of Valentine's Day. The music is always here for you.

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This is a good list here. I hope that your Valentine's Day was a good one. I am glad that you took time out to provide these songs for us and can't wait to hear from you again soon.



When there are people who are feeling lost and hate Valentine's Day enough to compose songs about it things can get quite comical and rather quickly as well.

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