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Room 101
Artist: Thru Colorado
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New Tunes, Straight To You

New Tunes, Straight To You

Welcome back to a new playlist featuring independent artists from all over the world. We've made sure all of the mp3s here are downloadable for free, and we've included videos where we could.

Aaron "The Uke Slinger" Jones - "It Is What It Is"

Did the uke? You should.

DT-DOUBLETROUBLE - "Blue and Orange"

This song is a tribute to Morgan State University in Baltimore, and a refreshing alternative to what we've been hearing in Texas (e.g. "Aggie Swag.")

Dizzy Bats Band - "Angry Eyes (Live)"

"Dizzy Bats’ front man, Connor Frost, never kicked his 90’s Pop Punk addiction." Yup, we can hear that. Pretty nice tribute to the '90s staple, and a great recording for a live version, to boot.

Diamond Bones - "Errors"

It's not a free track, but this electronic-ish jam from Canadians Diamond Bones is strong enough we'd like you to hear it. The video here features two songs performed live. Again, not bad sound for a live recording.

Fencewalker - "Colors"

Just some nice folk from a woman with a nice voice.

Savvyn Gavea - "Good Girl" (featuring Ryan Leslie)

Yes - smooth, nearly soothing hip-hop.



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