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While it tends to come in and out of commercial favor on a fairly regular basis, metal has always had a hold on the underground. After all, the qualifier "extreme" almost begs for a niche audience, even if that audience is more die-hard and loyal than with most generes of music. Our metal mix features bands from around the world from Tehran to Austin to Denmark, and all of the downloads are free. Rock on.

1. Mirage Town - “Harfe Man”

Sounds Like: Emotional, mid-tempo metal with strong, pleading vocals and bits of synthesizer to carry the melody.

More About the Artist: “A Persian Alternative Metal/Post Hardcore band based in Tehran started in 2005....the band is currently busy recording the debut album in Tehran and it will be released this year.”

2. Blinded By Saturn - “Out of My Head”

Sounds Like: What me might've called Industrial metal – chugging guitar, big drum beat loops and fast-paced snarling vocals. Little bits of funk bass in there as well.

More About the Artist: This Florida band has since broken up, but you can download their cd The Things I Can't Explain right here.

3. And The Angels Were Silent - “Buried Beneath My Hate”

Sounds Like: Intense and thrashy post-hardcore. Guttural growls and throat-shredding screams.

More About the Artist: “Formed in early 2006, And The Angels Were Silent worked out some powerful music from a 8x10 storage unit...[o]ne of the goals of ATAWS is to provide a strong positive influence for the young local demographic. They have played numerous fundraising concerts to help spread awareness of issues from cancer to the state of the local economy by helping fans realize that poverty in in our own backyard, and that we can do something to help. Their heaving driving music and powerful live shows are a blend of musical elements from hardcore/screamo to old fashioned metal. From pummeling double bass and slow chugging breakdowns to catchy hooks and melodic harmonies, this band covers every shade of the musical spectrum.”

4. Mindless Hope - “Mindless Hope”

Sounds Like: These guys do complex instrumental metal that will appeal to fans of more technical but still melodic sub-genres. Chugging and tough but pretty in parts as well, especially at the intro.

More About the Artist: “We just released The Hornets' Revenge with all the members of the band performing on it. It will be apart of "The Hornets' Revenge EP" Which is an album teaser for our first album entitled 'Verbatim'.” The EP came out this May.

5. Borderwars - “Darkness Falls”

Sounds Like: Pissed off thrash from a band with a clear vocal lineage to Pantera's Phil Anselmo. Raw and dirty.

More About the Artist: “BORDERWARS is an American Metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area...Borderwars has released 1 studio album. Their new album, "The Present Day" was co-produced by Billy Anderson (Mayhem, Eyehategod, Neurosis, Sick of it All, Melvins, Alabama Thunderpussy...) and will be released under "Black Hawk Label Records". You can also find Borderwars in different Metal Comp.”

6. Vernon Neilly - “Superstition”

Sounds Like: A surprise. Neilly here does just about the most snarling but clever cover of Stevie Wonder's “Superstition” you're likely hear in the near future. Super funky but with a definite hard edge. You need to hear this.

More About the Artist: Vernon Neilly was 10 when he started playing around with guitars and was just 14 when he started playing in his first real performing band. His musical career spans over 30 years and in that time he has been in the company of people who are legends in the music business, such as Jaco Pastorious, Pat Metheny, “Narada” Michael Walden, and Hiram Bullock.

7. Nullifier - “Lucifer's Tears”

Sounds Like: Morose track with a classic if demo-tastic feel to it. If you're at all curious about New Zealand metal, take a listen. Sweet whispering screams.

More About the Artist: “The following facts are occurring in New Zealand: It was December 2006 when Adriano De Melo and Allan McLachlan met at the Auckland Hospital – walking among the lost and the sick. As these creatures recognized each other as “worshippers of the distorted art”, they decided to get together for a jam which happened soon after that. These jams then turned into a constant meeting to produce “unsound sounds” and from those “black pearls” were born!

8. Threads of Madness - “Bloody Basement”

Sounds Like: A Texas band! This trio makes slower and effectively intense headbanging fodder. Big noise for a small group...pretty killer stuff.

More About the Artist: “2 Chicks And a Dude Crackin' Your Skull with a Brick of Brutal Metal!”

9. Key Dragon - “Sun Dragon Chant”

Sounds Like: Symphonic metal that combines organic instrumentation with computer-generated effects for an interesting mix. The layered vocals of big “Dragon!” growls and the softer female vocals also make for an unconventional metal melee.

More About the Artist: “After 8 years of working with various forms of metal and musicians, KeyDragon has evolved into a Dragon Metal band. Dragon Metal is a form of Gothic metal that combines traits of Doom and Power metal. The songs are all about Dragons and are sung by the angelic Tamara Venus Star. Ron Langford provides the “Dragon Vocals”, or screaming vocals, which adds the element of aggression, power, and strength to the lyrics.”

10. Phantomizer - “You End”

Sounds Like: This band (pictured up top) bring us steady thrash from Denmark. Intense blast beats, lightning-quick riffs, fiery vocals. The whole package, basically.

More About the Artist: "Danish thrash/speed metal band was found by drummer Anders Edal in 2006. Going through vast quantities of member changing, bassist Erik Arenfalk (who already played with Anders in the crossover band Under Al Kritik) joined in 2007 after the original lineup fell apart. The aim was playing old-school thrash/speed metal, a genre screaming for revival."


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