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With so much music and so many genres, a listener can have a difficult time knowing just where to jump in. You could also try the ol' random browse, picking and listening based on your whims. That's all well and good, but we've decided to curate some of our favorite tracks from set genres and to compile a mix that we think serves our fans and artists.

For our funk mix, we browsed our artists and found selections that grooved with all the accoutrements of the traditional offerings from the genre – bouncy bass, wah-wah guitar, up-tempo drums – and also grabbed a few numbers that wouldn't fit quite as snuggly into what we're used to hearing under the funk descriptor.

1. United Funkaration Front - “Who Prays/Mysticdelic”

With a name like United Funkaration Front, you know you're in for something funky. However, what we hear on "Who Prays/Mysticdelic" is first a shuffling drum machine beat with a high register synthesizer dancing over it. It's funky, but more like Afrika Bambaataa funky than George Clinton funky. A distorted vocal loop asks "Who prays?" with the final rejoinder: "LORD hear their prayers and ours too."

2. Soulganic - “Fordham & Walton (On My Way Up)”

A Charlotte, North Carolina project active since 2006, Soulganic make self-described "Funky Indie Soul." This stripped-back, silky track features passionate but still restrained vocals over a mix of drums, auxiliary percussion and engaging guitar riffage. Things get appropriately wah-wah during the solo.

3. Cloud City Rollers - “Red Shift”

An aggressive funk trio with a big, unpolished sound, Oregon's Cloud City Rollers jam onto a fast and intense groove on "Red Shift."

4. Funky Jah Punkys - “Dargon Wings”

The very electric and bottom-end heavy Funky Jah Punkys take things in a positive but blisteringly busy direction with this track, a contrast to the angry "Corporate Takeover," for example (Ice-T is featured on that track? Whoa.) That's their picture gracing this mix.

5. RM Funk - “Enchanted”

Easily the most lo-fi song on our playlist, "Enchanted" is a bedroom jam with bright vocals and funk guitar that rise above the D.I.Y. recording style...most of the time. The energy is contagious, and the lack of studio overdubs and other nonsense is pretty refreshing.

6. 196Five - “Groovy Jazz Pit”

Exciting. "Groovy Jazz Pit" is described by the band as "Just a Groove," but they offer this rejoinder: "Feel free to download, remix, drop lyrics, practice and do what you do, then send me a copy so i can put it back up on MadeLoud." How awesome is that? Remix contest, anyone? I'd love to see the results of some experimentation with this track.

7. Fractal Rock - “The Visitor”

Fractal Rock are a prog rock band with a sound that also dips into psych, pop, and - as on this track - funk. Their album Fractals and Filigree is free to download under a Creative Commons license, and "The Visitor" off that album gives you a pretty good idea of exactly what sort of complex mix these guys can stir up.

8. Mega-Def - “Close Your Windows”

Sweet. "Close Your Windows" was recorded live at the Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh, PA, from where this band hails. Beginning with a medium tempo funk stomp, dual lyricists rap over the beat before we go into double time a little after two and a half minutes.

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