MadeLoud Mix: Dance

It may sound a little reductive to be all, “Get your glowsticks and your vodka and Redbull cuz it's dancin' time,” but IT IS, IN FACT, DANCIN' TIME. We've assembled our most rave-y, technotronic, electronic, four on the floor and everyone's moving, big bass in your face etc. mix ever. P.S. - Don't worry, we have rap anthems and downtempo stuff in here for you as well. We start with the bangers and end with the slow jams.

1. Funspreader - “Brazil” (TechHouse Radio Edit)

It's a little surprising to hear the exclamation “Arriba!” start off this track from Germany's Funspreader, but hey, the song is called “Brazil.”

More from the artist: “Funspreader is a solo artist and a pure studio project from Germany. He makes since 2007 electronic music in the styles house, dance, pop and electro. The music is created on a home-PC and some music software.”

2. DJ Wings - “Blurtastic”

Ooh, a sublime and trance-inducing buffet of electronic sound.

More from the artist: Influenced from everyone from DJ Clue to Moby to Kanye West, DJ Wings asks that you “[b]ecome entranced by the blue swaying kitty. Hypnotic images...hypnotic sound...pretty electronic kitty.”

3. Bina Sveda - “Holdin' On” (Techno Remix)

Big dance beat with four-on-the-floor bass drum. This track comes from Sveda's “Holdin' On” single, which includes two remixes of the title track (of which this is one). The remix sounds quite different from the original, more mellow version.

More from the artist: “Russian born Bina moved to the US at 4 yrs old and right away took the stage! After her 5 years working with a children choir she went to get voice lessons to strengthen her ability. Today she is working on getting her voice heard and making a name for her self!”

4. JensKiil - “EarGasm”

Warning - “Eargasm” does indeed include mostly “female moans,” as promised in the song description. Other than a lady really enjoying herself, “EarGasm” offers a start-stop techno beat and a switch from a more minimalist groove to a big crescendo about two minutes in. Great climax! I mean...

More from the artist: “I'm a young producer doing what I love the most, creating music. I started out in 2007 producing trance mostly, from there I started exploring other genres such as rock, metal, Orchestral, Drum & bass and many others, giving me a very diverse producing talent.”

5. AD - “Go Go”

AD brings some rap to our mix with his track “Go Go,” which is dedicated “[t]o all the 'dancing' girls.”

More from the artist: “Appealing to the intellect and emotion, AD feeds listeners a nice blend of philosophical fast rap with stimulating sounds that motivate change from the inside out.”

6. Stephanie Kay - “Addiction” (Joyfulwave Remix)

This remix of the song “Addiction” has a fun vocal treatment and a hyper beat.

More from the artist: “Stephanie Kay Hussar (born May 5, 1990), better known as just Stephanie Kay, is an American singer/songwriter specializing in the pop/dance genre (although she has written other genres ranging from parody to hip hop for other artists.)”

7. Marti - “Phunq the DJ”

A bumping infused track from this Miami artist, “Phunq the DJ” is all bright disco washes, funky guitar and soulful vocals.

More from the artist: “Combining sex appeal and charm, Marti’s sultry low tones and heart stopping high notes were prevalent in recordings, concerts and showcases with local as well as nationally and internationally known acts. She also has recorded for Universal Latino on several projects and is now in the process of completing her first Dance album due out later this year. Marti’s talents as a singer and songwriter combined with soulful warmth and an approachable attitude wins over her audience and will have you asking for more…”

8. Iveza - “In the House”

Serbian group Iveza [pictured] come into our mix with a propulsive but patient dance groove called “In the House.” Vocals from member Malena advises us: “Don't go waiting too long.”

More from the artist: “The project IVEZA was formed in Kragujevac-Serbia in 2007 by the former members of a local's hard to relegate the project to any musical genre and even the band's members wouldn't like to be relegated.”

9. lollop - “Buona Notte” (Funspreader Remix)

Our artist Funspreader is back again, this time through a remix for lollop, whose wistful and relaxed number “Buona Notte” is featured here.

More from the artist: Here's all we know - “lollop is a solo-artist trying to create some good sounds.”

10. Kri$tiks - “Ocean's Breeze”

We end our playlist with a calming track from Kri$stiks that most certainly deserves the title “Ocean's Breeze.” It's a nice way to end a sweaty evening in a confined club.

More from the artist: “Came down from the UK when i was just a little bugga. Had my grandpa teach me everything that there is to know about production and music. I've been a music producer for 10+ years now and just started my record/production label so life is pretty good right now.”



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