Ladies Who Rap

I was trying to put together an artist profile for you guys featured one of our talented lady hip-hoppers, but I couldn't pick just one. So here are a bunch. We've introduced you to a few of these artists before (Meek White comes to mind) but some of these artists are brand new to us and you. Plus, most of these mp3s are free for download! Also, see our hip hop and rap mixes!

Vendetta Da Goddess

Track: "So Soft" Free!

About: "Under the name Vendetta she battled through out the halls of Beaumont High School. Age 24 she met a future label mate and signed with GUNSDOWN RECORDS..."

Meek White

Track: "Running Away" Free!

About: Meek White! If you never heard this name before get use to it because Meek White has been popping up all over the place and has no plans on slowing down!


Track: "Dip On'em" Free!

About: "Instead of going the route of the ever so popular "I'm A Bad Girl theory" my whole aim is in reference to being a "GOODIEGIRL" "Good Girls Always Win" type of theme. The message is brought in complex way -you could consider me your non-traditional christian keeping it real, raw & uncut."


Track: "Tyme 4 something new" Free!

About: "My style of rap for a female is very different. Woman comes in many different forms but only one or two have been represented in hip hop as far as I can remember(sexy side.thug side). I like to say I represent the girls that haven't had a voice in hip hop in awhile or ever did."


Track: "Why" Free!

About: "Venus started out working the night scene. Decided to clean up her act and put all her efforts into being an MC. Started out about 5 years ago and has improved her talents into what you hear today. She grows lyrically every day. Her music is her life, packed in with blood sweat and tears along her journey. Real life, real struggles, that's just Venus."

Purly Wyte

Track: "Mermaid In The Water"

About: "My Squad Is MostHatedENT and i am The Princess You PEASANTS!"


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