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While plotting out the selections for this week's playlist, I realized the songs that were coming up under the “hip-hop” banner weren't terribly different from the type of music that we posted in our rap playlist. So if that's okay with you, we've got eight more songs that tease the boundaries of new urban music – dirty, tough, rough tracks with two or three funny selections to break things up. As with our rap playlist, this music is not safe for the workplace, and the lyrics may offend.

1. Elidagod - “Swap”

Actually, we're starting things off with a track that has no lyrics whatsoever. This instrumental called “Swap” has sprinkling synthesizer sounds, a sweet piano loop and shuffling drum track.

More About the Artist: “Elidagod is a producer from New Jersey who is 1/2 of the production duo A.M.P (A.udio M.echanic P.roduction) with beats that are describe as smooth, hard, and jazzy. Him and his partner Manifest plan to conduct hard hitting HipHop, soothing R&B, and bouncing instrumentals.”

2. Zan-X - “Deep Throat”

...but it didn't take us too long to get to the dirty. As suggested by the title, this is an entire song about getting a blowjob.

More About the Artist: “I am an Independent artist working with other local artists from the Mid-West. I write, co-produce, and promote all the music I'm involved with.”

Sample Lyric: “Suck me when I flow/ and I'll never make a track withoutcha.”

3. MDZ - “Get Loose”

A fun bounce track from MDZ with a strong crunk/Atlanta club feel.

More About the Artist: “His first release “Grind” secured him nationwide distribution through RND. With increasing radio play, magazine articles and more; people love the reborn sensation. Keeping his name in the streets, MDz has stayed hot with regular mix tape releases, and a feature on Young Bleeds’ (formerly of No Limit Rec.) ‘Rise Thru the ranks’. With new promotions behind him, his recently completed up-tempo sophmore album “Already” is set to sale a million. Look out it’s coming soon!”

Sample Lyric: “Everybody Steve Urkel/ Everybody Charlie Brown”

4. MC Topher - “Hell Yeah (stage one)”

Punchy beats with a bright synth track. Nerdcore rapper MC Topher doesn't have the smoothest flow, but he's well aware: “My words are so sick/ they'll give you the flu/ my words ain't so slick/ they stick like glue.

More About the Artist: “MC Topher is a nerdcore rapper from Bloomington, IN. Originally from various parts of New England, his style is somewhere between East Coast gangster and Midwest flows.” Download his free mixtape here.

Sample Lyric: “When I hit the club you know I get shitty/ Call me Godzilla 'cause I'm here to tear up your city.”

5. Freeze the Mayor - “Paper in My Pocket”

Have you guys read that book Pimp: The Story of My Life by Iceberg Slim? It's a tough look at the realities of pimping, in, I think, the 30s or 40s? This song by Freeze is a more recent look at the world's oldest profession.

More About the Artist: “With Atlanta serving up some of the hottest product in the rap game, Detroit's native son Freeze stands as one of the game's most promising mouth pieces to delve into the music realm.”

Sample Lyric: “I got a pocket full of money and my three-piece suit/ I got an alligator head on the front of my shoe.”

6. Fun Nugget Boys - “Who Took My Nuggets”

When things get heavy, leave it up to the Fun Nugget Boys to write an entire, four and a half minute ode to their favorite subject, fun nuggets. Not sure what fun nuggets are? They're chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs, etc. In this song, the nuggets were stolen.

More About the Artist: “Three guys from Warner Robins High that began their rapping careers rapping about Tyson's Fun Nuggets.”

Sample Lyric: “Who took my nuggets/ where are they at?”

7. Organic Minstrels - “Rhyming and Riding”

Did you ever wonder what knights would rap about if they could rap? No? Well, the Organic Minstrels are here to correct that oversight immediately.

More About the Artist: “The Organic Minstrels are a group of dashing lads in the service of the Queen. Being of the nobility leaves them with an abundance of spare time to produce baroque hip hop. The two most pronounced masters of ceremonies are Duke Flav and Lord Lewd. Their sonnets are prone to get the maidens hearts racing.”

Sample Lyric: “Fighting for her majesty/ Up in the saddle flattery/ Gets us everywhere/ Every maiden so fare/ In the throne room with the queen/ Get her in the derriere


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